A5 Postal Flyers

We aren’t experts in postal campaigns, but we have had some good results with these A5 flyers. Contact us on sales@ if you want to use any of these rebranded for your marketing.

Have an idea? We can make it for you (all proceeds go to charitable causes).

System we backup

One of the flyers we used in Cloud Expo March 2020

Coffee spilt on laptop

Where used: Postal A5 flyer for a reseller in Ireland (We have used our compliant URL)
Drink spillages are one way to fry a laptop, but not the only way. Laptops become end-of-life or suffer a data loss normally through wear and tear or an accidental drop.
Data loss doesn’t normally result from a drink spillage because that just kills the device and is unlikely to get into a drive.

Laptop left on train

I left my laptop on the train!

Where used: Postal A5 flyer
Our hapless friend has done it again and left his laptop on the train.
Not a totally rare occurrence nowadays. Most of us have either done this or come close to it. Be honest now!
It’s a great AD because it would work even if there wasn’t a message or tag line.

Computer room theft

Where used: Postal A5 flyer
Thefts do still occur from computer rooms and we recently heard of two in our local area.
A school had a grant for 50 iPads and they were the thief’s intended target. The server was also taken from the computer room on what looked like a whim because they didn’t know what it was (shiny and all that).
Luckily the server was recovered, but this shows how quickly a lifetime of data can disappear.

The stone age joins the modern world

Where used: Postal A5 flyer
A very basic flyer to highlight how the world had moved away from tape based systems.

The techie locked in his office

Where used: Postal A5 flyer and banner
Have you ever been worried about a techie who should be checking the backups of your customers’ data?
This was a flyer and banner we used at a show in Earls Court to highlight the difference between human (manual) backups and how automation can reduce costs and prevent human error.

XMAS card

Where used: Postal A5 flyer
A light-hearted end to the year.

The sudden impact of not being able to restore data

Where used: Postal A5 flyer
Ever been here?

A5 Product insert.

Where used: A5 insert
This is a simple A5 insert we used for new resellers.


Golden ticket

Where used: Postal A5 flyer
Thanks to the new version of Charlie and the Chocolate factory being released, the golden ticket idea was instantly recognised by younger IT Techies and Directors.


Where used: Postal A5 flyer
A play on a simple headache sure for daily backup woes.
We had seen something similar run by a retail company and turned it into a backup theme.
This worked well in other languages and regions.

Communicating how devastating crypto attacks can be

Where used: Postal A5 flyer and web page
When crypto and ransom attacks started appearing, everyone was asking how to recover from an attack.
We launched this campaign which highlighted how to protect customer data from any type of attack and provide a backstop.

Simplicity computing

Where used: Postal A5 flyer
When we moved to Microsoft’s cloud [Azure] we wanted to show how simple our data storage model is. This is compared to our competitors who maintain server farms in different data centres.
Our data storage model is bullet-proof worldwide and can be adjusted in seconds.

Leave the country

Scared of a failed restore

Where used: Postal A5 flyer
A deliberate attempt at humour which sort of worked.

Bill Gates loves ya!

Where used: Postal A5 flyer
We sent these out at around the same time we started to store data on Microsoft’s cloud. A simple basic message of how Microsoft will look after customer data. We received a lot of comments about how BG was never a systems engineer and had stopped working at Microsoft long before our campaign was run.
Not everyone is a fan of Microsoft, but they can’t argue with their ‘never fail’ service!