Ahsay rolled out to all clusters

March 19, 2018,

Ahsay™ Cloud Backup Suite, v7.15.2.2 (rolled out in March 2018)

AhsayOBM is a server OS
AhsayACB is a desktop OS
Limitations / Known issues of this version

AhsayOBM is not able to backup SQL databases with special characters for MS SQL Backup Sets in ODBC mode.
Hyper-V VMs with “Paused” state will be restored as “OFF” state for Hyper-V Backup on Hyper-V 2016 Server.


Best effort support is provided for Windows Xp and Windows 2003 in v7. The behaviour of the Auto Update feature is updated to allow upgrading OBM installed on Windows XP and Windows 2003 to upgrade to v7.

This release will contain the major features listed below

AhsayOBM / AhsayACB

Bug fix – Cloud File Backup to Google Drive get “[GDriveManager.getInputStream] Target is not a file, sParent=” error (ref: OXA-535-15212, T-17938)
Bug fix – Better error message for issue(s) encountered when restoring Hyper-V VM to alternate host (ref: T-19446)
Bug fix – Cloud file backup with OnedriveForBusiness files is failed with “429 TOO MANY REQUESTS” (ref: XZY-305-35378, KFI-130-96095, T-19747)
Bug fix – Lotus Database backup set with error “The file name, directory name, or volume label syntax are not correct.” (ref: IRT-381-71062, T-19573)
Bug fix – Unable to perform Hyper-v 2012R2 Granular restore with “Fail to install “Virtual File System Driver” error (ref: JZY-332-68909, T-19501)
Bug fix – MSSQL Log backup runs with “The reference database is mismatched with backup database, backup will run in full backup type” (ref: IWN-195-10058, T-19581)
Bug fix – MSSQL backup shows “Instance is offline” warning even if the database is actually online in MSSQL management studio (ref: YTC-177-43143, TXZ-756-61699, VAQ-580-52815, T-19599)
Bug fix – OBM Hyper-v 2012R2 with Run Direct fails to start VM after restoring on another Hyper-v 2012R2 (ref: PJV-332-75792, EGF-108-97407, T-19601)
Bug fix – Backup fails with reason = com.ahsay.afc.cloud.d: [ObsManager.mkdirs] Failed to mkdirs…Connection pool shut down” (ref: RQH-294-37800, EOL-468-59664, NVE-196-70249, ISU-761-54844, T-19660)
Bug fix – Hyper-V 2008R2 backup error “Cannot start shadow copy, reason =Failed to get VM State. Error = Invalid namespace” (ref: XFJ-736-30159, FIU-318-70766, T-19727)
Bug fix – BSOD when running HyperV backup with Bit Defender AV (ref: MEB-256-61297, T-19776)
Bug fix – Exchange 2016 mail-level backup gets warning message: Backup source “Microsoft Exchange/Public Folders” does not exist ! (ref: SOB-113-30143, T-20211)
Bug fix – MSSQL Backup getting “OK ( no files backed up )”) after migrated from v6 to v7 (Without Data Migration enabled) (ref: EHN-804-86919, T-19993)
Bug fix – “Cannot start shadow copy, …Failed to get VM State. Error = The virtual machine…could not be found” is shown in Hyper-V 2008R2 Cluster backup (ref: T-20114)
Bug fix – Failed to backup System Databases with MSSQL VSS mode backup set (ref: T-19614)


Auto upgrade agent

Bug fix – OBM leaves a CMD opened after auto update (ref: BRL-311-88436, T-19583)
Bug fix – Unable to auto-update on Mac OS X (ref: BOD-776-41465, T-19870)
Bug fix – Cannot backup to local NAS (ref: NWD-733-77115, T-19698)
Bug fix – OBM installation prompts FSRedirector.sys filter driver blocked on Windows Server 2016 (Shows Unsigned) (ref: NJW-209-81227, DOT-545-52836, T-19585)
Bug fix – Move mail count are not displayed in backup log for Office 365 Online backup set (ref: T-20087)
Bug fix – Client installers unable to be installed correctly if CBS hostname contains client products name (e.g. acb123.com) (ref: T-20216)


File backup

Bug fix – Schedule backup “Failed to get FileAttribute: 1492465432158 from cache” error message in scheduler debug log (ref: IXK-428-12451, T-19788)
Bug fix – Backup gets “[BlockDB.init][BlockFileCorruptedExpt] Error initializing bptree” error (ref: MUN-816-44970, SQD-690-40535, UJK-357-65797, JUW-280-63162, IKB-921-16411, MBY-836-82892, HAY-714-28754, UFP-352-32610, YEE-151-43507, RYC-460-55547, UTN-568-97983, XBY-766-34580, UON-359-48323, OHJ-380-36877, T-19018)
Bug fix – cbpsx64.exe consumes high CPU without running backup (ref: T-18917)
Bug fix – “[warn] …Path “xxx\My Documents” does not exist!” is shown after upgrade (ref: BTO-746-93990, YYX-781-97258, T-19619)


General / Miscellaneous

Bug fix – Cannot Start OBM services > Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly (ref: UTW-540-17809, T-19114)
Bug fix – Exchange 2010 mail level restore fails with “Unexpected IOException, error=[ObsManager.getInputStream] Target is not a file…” (ref: IWW-285-15804, T-19605)


NAS / Synology OBM

Enhancement – Support Synology NAS OBM on model RS18017XS+ (ref: UHA-635-21218, SFZ-207-18347, T-17719)
Enhancement – Support x18 Series Synology (ref: XKU-434-30118, KAY-286-13600, FCT-169-73480, T-19724)
Bug fix – Synology Security Center recognise /usr/local/etc/rc.d/Eurobackup.sh as malicious startup script (ref: HJG-290-64443, DGC-508-89884, T-19461)


Restore / Decrypt

Bug fix – Unable to restore backup files (ref: NRQ-857-89153, T-19140)

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