Ahsay 7 – first look

March 15, 2016,

Ahsay 7
Ahsay 7.5 has now launched and we have a live backup cluster you can work with.
We have graded this as a ‘live’ production server and there are some minor reporting and display issues we are working on.
This cluster runs on Microsoft’s Azure cloud in Ireland and your data will be stored in Google’s data centres in the USA. UK storage options will follow.

Front end changes
Version 7.x has a different front-end look and feel, and the underlying capabilities and agent functionality are the same in version 6.

Back-end storage changes
The most significant change is that in addition to our own UK cloud, new backup clusters will offer backup data locations on some of the world’s most respected cloud platforms such as Microsoft’s Azure, Google and Amazon’s AWS.

Take charge of your own storage
We also plan to release a server and desktop version which will allow you to back up exclusively to your own accounts on Microsoft’s Azure, Google, Amazon’s AWS, Rackspace, Dropbox as well as a basic FTP service.
This will allow you to manage all of your accounts in one place and benefit from lower storage costs.

Partial Rebrand
We have branded our latest server and desktop software with generic names of Server and Desktop. If you haven’t purchased a full rebrand yet, you can still benefit from less overt BOBcloud branding.

Change logs
There are two parts to our backup service; the GUI front end, and the Server \ Desktop software (Ahsay) you install on your devices.
If you want to keep an eye on our latest product and support development, you can check our changelog on both components from the respective links:

GUI front end https://bobcloud.net/blog/online-backup-gui-change-log-httpsbobcloud-servermanagerpro-com/
Server and desktop software (Ahsay) https://bobcloud.net/blog/online-backup-software-change-log-ahsay/

Version 7 pricing
With version 7 we have retained our £0.05 per GB. This price will be offered on the Google cloud.
Software pricing remains largely the same with a slight increase in the Exchange mailbox agent cost.

Version 6 pricing and availability
Ahsay version 6 pricing will remain the same.
Support and availability will be in line with industry standards, i.e. we will always support 2 versions and this will continue until the next major release.

A lot of Resellers have benefitted from the feature in version 6 which allows you to install the same Server license on as many devices as you like. This is a great feature and we all enjoyed it whilst it lasted.
Unfortunately, version 7 will see the license model changing to one device per license and you won’t be able to backup multiple servers using one license.
We are looking at offering discounts for multiple devices.

Upgrade policy
There is no upgrade from 6 to 7. Version 6 devices can remain until they become end-of-life. When they are replaced, they can be created on a new version 7 cluster.

How to get version 7
Send us an email to sales@bobloud.net with your company name and we will add the server and desktop icons into your portal. All data is stored in Google’s cloud

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