How to backup your customers’ cloud drives to another cloud destination

A lot of cloud systems retain your critical data for only 30 days after you delete it. Very often you will want to keep copies of your deleted data for years, with 5-10 years being a popular setting for our resellers.

With BOBcloud, you can retain your backups for as long as you like and provide peace of mind to your customers.

You will have plenty of unused storage on your Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive accounts and this is perfect as a storage destination for your backed-up data. A popular solution is to backup Dropbox data to Google Drive, or OneDrive, and vice-versa. This means your storage costs are free. 

How to backup cloud file systems

1. Log in to the online backup software on your device. If you need to create a new account, you can do so at

2. Click on Backup sets. This will display all your existing backup sets, or create a new backup set if you don’t have any.

backup sets


3. Add a new backup set.


backup sets


4. Select ‘Cloud File Backup’ and select your preferred file sharing cloud system.
Our software will backup the most popular cloud drive services such as Dropbox. OneDrive, Google Drive, AWS S3, and Backblaze

In our example below, we are backing up Dropbox.


create backup sets


5. Click on ‘Test‘.
This will open a browser window for the respective cloud storage provider. This is done so that our software can link to your Dropbox account automatically when scheduled backups run.

Allow access.


6. The window will now show a code. Paste this into the open window in your backup software.



7. The screens should now show the test completed successfully.


create backup sets


8. Next select the source files you want to back up.


Backup Source


Continue the backup process as normal, and configure the storage destination, encryption password and schedule. The backup set will run as scheduled and backup your cloud data directly from the cloud service. You won’t need to download the data to a local drive before backing up. When you need to restore your data, it will be restored directly to the respective cloud drive service provider’s cloud.

If you want to use another cloud service as the destination, simply add it using the same process in the destinations screen when creating the backup set.

If this is your first time using our software, our manuals can be found here. 

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