Data security is the most important element of any service that offers data storage and backup services. The days of storing data solely on an on-premise central server are well behind us. Our team offers on-demand cloud backup capabilities in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. More importantly, we make security our number one priority, ensuring that the sanctity of your data remains intact.

Our team at BOBcloud has combined decades of experience and expertise in backup and storage services, data security and digital encryption techniques. We have leveraged this knowledge and wisdom to develop cutting-edge data storage and security services that will satisfy your customers’ security audits.


Top-of-the-Line Encryption Methods

Any expert in the data security industry will tell you that you can’t store sensitive data on the cloud or anywhere else without implementing the market’s most advanced encryption methods. BOBcloud provides strong data encryption features which mean your data is encrypted during backup transfer, rest and restore.

The concept behind data encryption is simple–to protect the information stored on your data with algorithms that prevent anyone without an encryption key from reading your data’s contents. Our software encrypts every file before transmitting them to the BOBcloud server or public cloud storage.

This ensures that cybercriminals are unable to access your data if they attempt to intercept data transmission as it will be encrypted. We use 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to encrypt and decrypt data, which is the safest data encryption method in the market. This means that a hacker will have to try out 2^256 different combinations to crack a single file, which even the most sophisticated hacking algorithms and hardware are unable to break.

This form of encryption is used by large financial institutions, the military and the government. Our 256-bit SSL also uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) v1.2, guaranteeing that your data is being transmitted in a secure manner.


Encryption Options

BOBcloud uses three main encryption options to secure your data:

  • AES: This is the most secure method, which has been approved by most of the world’s top governments to encrypt data. We highly recommend this method for extremely sensitive data such as customer information, proprietary information and financial records. The downside to AES is that it may have a slower backup speed than the alternatives.
  • Twofish: Another secure encryption method is Twofish, which is not vulnerable against most side-channel attacks. Much like AES, it is also resistant to brute force attacks, but it is not as comprehensive as AES.
  • DESede: This form of encryption also offers great security, but not as much as AES. However, it is useful for transmitting less sensitive data thanks to its backup speed.


There are two other encryption methods that BOBcloud offers:

  • Cypher Block Chaining (CBC): This is another strong encryption method that supports 128 bit and 256 bit key lengths. The cryptographic technique consists of a sequence of bits that are encrypted in the form of a single unit or block with a cipher key that then applies to the entire block. It is the only encryption algorithm that is both publicly available and it has been approved by the U.S. government for securing top-secret data.
  • Electronic Code Book (ECB): ECB is another useful encryption technique, but it is not recommended for smaller block sizes.


More on BOBcloud Encryption

In order to ensure that all your encrypted data remains in a safe spot, we store the encryption key in a special file that uses an AES 256 bit algorithm. The file is then stored on the device where the Server or Desktop backup agent was installed.

It’s important that you use a password that will not be easily cracked, meaning that you should not use any personal information on the encryption key. Plus, it should be at least eight characters long with uppercase and lowercase characters, as well as numbers and other characters.

You should keep a copy of your encryption key and store it in a secure location that only you know about. By following these practices, your data and encryption key will be safe at all times from any breaches, losses or data corruption instances. Plus, we store all data on Microsoft Azure to protect your data further.


Azure Security and Compliance

BOBcloud uses Azure to store data because of the service’s ability to host millions of customers while upholding the latest security and compliance requirements in the industry. Azure uses a centralized policy management service to centrally manage all security policies for all cloud services, including our data backup solutions.

It also implements regular security monitoring capabilities across machines, networks, data services and applications, thwarting threats before they ever come to fruition. With Azure, we’re capable of determining whether or not we need to add additional security safeguards to protect our servers thanks to its personalised cybersecurity recommendations.

Azure is especially strong at protecting cloud servers, while also analysing security data from multiple sources in order to ensure that it’s always up to date with the latest security practices and it’s always aware of the newest threats.

Plus, Azure is at the front of the line in the industry in terms of compliance, meeting every major international and industry compliance requirement out there. These include the following:

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

ISO 27001





Various: Including Australia IRAP, UK-G-Cloud and Singapore MTCS.

The service constantly conducts audits through third parties that specialise in protecting the sanctity of its server and cloud data across the globe.

The combination of our own capabilities at BOBcloud along with what Azure has to offer means we are trusted by businesses, as well as educational, health and financial sectors. We take security and data protection seriously, which is why we’ve spent countless hours perfecting our encryption and recovery techniques to keep your client, financial and company information secure at all times.

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