BOBcloud plans for 2017

December 22, 2016,

As 2016 draws to an end, we thought we’d outline our plans for the next 3 months.

Ahsay update
As a reminder: We license our core backup software from Ahsay in the same way as we license our server software used by our cloud from Microsoft.

Ahsay 7 rollout
We have put Ahsay 7 into production and will be launching this to all Resellers in early January.
We plan to upgrade our Lite service with Ahsay 7 first of all so that Resellers can familiarise themselves with the layout before we replace our main BOBcloud backup with version 7.
Ahsay 7 is the only version which will receive future development and will have support for newer versions of Exchange, SQL, Hyper V, VMware and other advanced modules.
There will be a transition period where you will be able to install either our current version (6) or the newer version (7). The pricing will be the same for each version.
Existing installations of Ahsay 6 won’t be upgraded or changed in any way.

Ahsay 7 upgrades
We have no plans to upgrade any version 6 Ahsay accounts to version 7.
As and when your devices are replaced or require an updated module which isn’t available on version 6, you can create a new backup using version 7.
This has been our policy for the last 10 years and avoids any unnecessary upgrade headaches.
If you want to know which OS’ and databases are supported in version 6 and 7, please follow these links.

Ahsay software compatibility
Version 6 SCL:
Version 7 SCL:

**Please note we don’t provide Linux or Unix support anymore on our regular BOBcloud or LITE systems.

Ahsay 7 new features
Ahsay 7 allows the use of 3rd party storage locations if you don’t want to use our storage. This is still in Beta for now.
When we go live with this feature, you will have the option to still manage your backups from your Reseller portal and store your backed-up data on 3rd party clouds.
These are UK cloud platforms Amazon and Azure, or your own FTP storage. File sharing platforms Dropbox, One Drive and Google Drive will also be certified as back up locations.

January Sales (why not? Banks do)
January is normally a busy month for our Resellers. For one week we will be dropping the price of the server and desktop licenses by 20% or providing free quotas of 100GB so you can bring on board those ‘getting around to it’ customers. The latter is the same promo we ran in October.
All accounts will have the usual 30 day trial so that your customers’ backups will complete before the trial expires.

*New product* Lite
Lite launched in October and is a lower priced cut-down version of our main software. Our intention was to offer a similar service to Resellers of Mozy, Livedrive and Carbonite amongst others.
For us to bring the price down, we have made a few tweaks:
Bandwidth (backup and restore) is limited to 1Mbps per device.
Storage is sold by quotas and 12 months up front.
Advanced agents have been removed.
No rebrand or SEED options.

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