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Ransomware Attacks Growing in Power: September 2019 Report

October 5, 2019,

Ransomware attacks are growing in power and numbers, sparing no one in the process. Governmental entities, schools, hospitals, and disability service providers all felt the heat of data set encryptions. Few organisations responded with ready-made backups and were spared the pain. However, those that could not afford prolonged systems’ lockdown were forced to pay hackers’… Read More »

Ransomware – the new ‘get rich quick scheme’

License to print money If cybercrime were a recognised industry, the average cybercriminal would need to build an extension on their home just for their awards! Joking aside, there are hundreds of successful attacks daily where critical data has been compromised, encrypted and a ransom demanded (often paid as well). We highlight some of the… Read More »

Ransomware Attacks August Report – A Sudden Surge of Malware

September 4, 2019,

In a recent month, ransomware attacks increased in numbers, attacking both public and private entities. Texas recorded an unprecedented ransomware campaign, while hospitals and school systems around the globe continue to suffer under malware attacks. At the same time, these attacks pinpoint the importance of cloud backup as a security measure.   Texas under Ransomware… Read More »

July Monthly Review: Ransomware Evolving, Response Stagnates

August 3, 2019,

                During July 2019, ransomware attacks showed just how creative hackers can be. Spreading within social media platforms, forums, and even android networks, ransomware can have large effects on organisations and individuals. We bring you a fresh summary of malware attacks as government institutions and companies face difficulties in… Read More »

Microsoft Azure entire UK South Region outage on 4th July 2019 explained

On 4th July 2019: @ 07:23 we noticed one of our backup clusters wasn’t responding. We contacted Azure priority Tech and they were initially unaware of the outage. There weren’t any errors showing on our Azure portal. Within 5 minutes they confirmed other customers were reporting the same issue. The Azure status page showed all… Read More »

June Monthly Review: Ransomware Attacks Cripple Governments and Businesses

During the month of June 2019, business and governmental entities were quite busy fixing issues caused by ransomware attacks. However, it seems that hackers do not particularly care about who they are targeting. Even non-profit entities are under the cyber siege. We present noticeable ransomware incidents from around the globe. Riviera Beach Florida to Pay… Read More »

Cities and Healthcare Organisations Hit Hard by Ransomware Attacks

Recently, it seems that cybercriminals are targeting state and healthcare organisations with U.S. enterprises being the main target. Without proper safety measures, large systems can easily fall prey to online threats. During the last week, several cities and companies are coping with lasting effects of ransomware attacks. Ransomware Crawls into Cleveland Airport’s Network After Cleveland’s unfortunate episode,… Read More »

Ransomware Attacks: A Week of Ongoing Cyber Threats

In this week’s report on ransomware-related issues, several organisations and companies felt the system protection breakdown. Baltimore continues to experience many problems, especially in the real estate market. Meanwhile, security firms were found to pay off cybercriminals, while other institutions saw their networks compromised through phishing attacks.   Another Day, another Ransomware Attack in Oklahoma… Read More »

A Week of Ransomware News: Attacks on Cities and Companies Continue

Recently, several organisations and state entities experienced debilitating ransomware attacks. With effects varying greatly, IT specialists had a busy week trying to restore systems and decrypt locked files. This article presents last week’s news regarding the ransomware attacks, with the highlight being Baltimore City.   Major Ransomware Attack on Baltimore City On May 7th, 2019,… Read More »
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