Ahsay v9 upgrade

v9 considerations and enhancements Version 9 of Ahsay’s cloud backup software brings some new features and we had planned to roll it out to our backup clusters in May – June 2022. This has been rescheduled for July 2022. We will showcase all the features when the new version goes live and have highlighted the […]

What to Look for in Online Data Backup Platforms

When it comes to company servers, backing up all your important data is a good idea. This is especially true if such information can cause damage to the company if compromised. With the cybercrime rate steadily rising, cloud backup services are a popular choice within business cycles. By choosing the optimal solution, entrepreneurs have the […]

Cloud Data Encryption: Importance of Safety Measures

Cloud Data Encryption

Starting a business usually requires a website. This is especially true for businesses that offer online services, no matter what the industry is. Organisations deal with the globalised audience which, apart from benefits, carries risks as well. The growth rate of e-commerce is large but so is cybercrime as well. Data encryption is the best […]

Why cloud storage is vital to data security

vital to security

Why Cloud Storage is important for your data security Your data has never been more at risk than it is now. Along with the usual software corruption and hardware problems a Sysadmin must deal with, your data is constantly being targeted by cybercriminals with ransomware. Whatever your customers’ level of knowledge, one thing is constant, […]

Wasabi storage promo

Wasabi 50% promo

Wasabi hot cloud storage promo – 50% discount Pricing per GB per month for the lifetime of the account New accounts using our pre-defined Wasabi storage destination will be charged 50% less for their Wasabi storage. This is for the lifetime of the backup account and not time-limited. £ 0.01 $ 0.014 € 0.015 We […]

Backup Dropbox, OneDrive, GDrive


How to backup your customers’ cloud drives to another cloud destination A lot of cloud systems retain your critical data for only 30 days after you delete it. Very often you will want to keep copies of your deleted data for years, with 5-10 years being a popular setting for our resellers. With BOBcloud, you […]

ICT Backup: How to do It Cloud-Style

ICT Backup

How to backup school data in the cloud If you store your school’s critical data online, you will know this has benefits and risks. Cloud storage is very popular amongst IT admins because you don’t have to worry about the life cycle of local storage, or maintaining it. However, cybercrime is a threat that needs […]

PAYG and improve your MSP profit


PAYG resources would be great, wouldn’t they? Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire and pay for a techie for the time needed to fix your most important customer’s server fault? Then pay nothing until the next fault. How about having access to an identical server to replace the one which has gone down […]

What is Microsoft Azure in 2021?


Our Microsoft Azure journey started on July 16th 2017 Why Azure? From 2001 to 2017 we hosted our own storage servers in UK data centres, with the bulk being in Bristol, Maidenhead and Reading. Every data centre we colocated with had catastrophic failures and all at one time suffered a total power down disaster. This […]

Wasabi DNS outage December 2020

Wasabi DNS outage December 2020

Outage explained This affects our predefined Wasabi storage destinations and Resellers’ own storage destinations for BOBcloud backups and all FileSync server clusters. Wasabi had an outage which they put down to a DNS issue. Here follows their status page. Incident Status Degraded Performance Components US-East-1, US-East-2, US-West-1, EU-Central-1, Wasabi Management Console Locations US-East, US-West, EU-Central […]