Version of Ahsay’s cloud suite is now live

Version of Ahsay’s cloud suite is now live. Read more here

Our Support Stats for 2019

February 13, 2020,

Support statistics for 2019 When we close a support ticket, we send an email to everyone who commented on that ticket. Feedback is requested on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best). Results Average feedback is 9.79 across 12 members of staff. Our staff can’t rate or view ticket results. We show the results… Read More »

Azure – Backblaze (B2) – Wasabi – benchmark test and pricing

January 17, 2020,

Who has the most capacity, fastest transfer speeds and the best pricing? The full report follows and the quick answer is below Pricing If you upload and download 1TB in a month, you will pay Azure $100, Backlaze’s B2 $15 and Wasabi $6. Speed All 3 provide pretty much the same results. Results of a previous… Read More »

.UK domain price changes (lowest price still guaranteed!)

December 4, 2019,

View our Domain Pricing WE WILL BEAT ANY OTHER .UK DOMAIN PRICE If you find a better deal, send it to us and we will beat it. The .UK domain you purchase is the same product regardless of which registrar you buy it from. All registrars are closely scrutinised by the regulator [Nominet] and we… Read More »

Version of Ahsay’s cloud suite is now live

Version of Ahsay’s cloud suite is now live. Read more here  

OpenText purchases Carbonite for $1.43 billion

November 12, 2019,

OpenText is a Canadian enterprise software company which purchased Carbonite for $1.42bn yesterday. Carbonite said in a statement that it had received a number of offers and the OpenText deal was “the best way to maximise shareholder value”. What does this mean for UK companies using Carbonite? Nothing is likely to change in the interim, however,… Read More »

What are the differences between an Affiliate and a Reseller?

What is a Reseller? At BOBcloud we define Resellers as IT professionals and Support companies who provide online backups to their customers as part of their business portfolio. The exception to this are larger organisations such as schools or businesses with their own in-house IT Departments who manage their own ICT \ IT and have… Read More »

What is the difference between cloud backup and online backup?

October 5, 2019,

Differences There aren’t any specific differences between cloud and online backups. Cloud backups are in general a more generic term for simple file system backups such as Dropbox or OneDrive. You might not have the option for unlimited versions and history of your files and you should expect to purchase a quota larger than you… Read More »

Are your overheads killing your IT business?

September 2, 2019,

PAYG resources would be great, wouldn’t they? Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire and pay for a techie for the time needed to fix your most important customer’s server fault? Then pay nothing until the next fault. How about having access to an identical server to replace the one which has gone down… Read More »

Why an online backup solution crucial to securing your Office 365 emails and SharePoint

August 26, 2019,

Whilst there is no denying the fact that business emails are of paramount importance, the question remains – is your Office 365 email secure? In recent years, Office 365 has become increasingly popular amongst businesses for email. Despite being a promising solution, one of the biggest concerns with OFFICE 365 is securing your email and… Read More »
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