Cloud Platform – A Way of Keeping Your Office 365 Emails Intact

March 10, 2018,

Due to technological evolution, businesses transferred most of their records from paper into online databases. Thus, it should not surprise anyone that cloud services are becoming popular. Remote platforms tackle issues with online storages through regular and immediate backups of sent/received files. It is quite possible to safe keep almost limitless amount of office 365… Read More »

Ahsay released on BOBcloud. Exchange 2016 mailbox backups supported

November 29, 2017,

We have rolled out Ahsay v7.15.0.20 to our v7 clusters. View our abbreviated change log here View Ahsay’s official change log here You can now back up Exchange 2016 mailbox backups Learn more about this new feature Exchange 2016 mailbox backups You can upgrade your customers’ devices from their account page in the Reseller portal

How Azure is working out for us

July 20, 2017,

How is Azure working for us? 60 days in with Azure and we can say we are happy with it. We have clusters running in the UK, Ireland, Canada and USA. We plan to add more as and when requested to do so. Microsoft have 34 public regions at this time (July 2017) with another… Read More »

Why we use Azure

July 16, 2017,

Our customers expect the very best service seven days a week. We know you appreciate the importance of backing up your clients’ data. There are numerous storage providers out there, but we believe Microsoft’s cloud computing platform (Microsoft Azure) to be the best for data storage. And in our latest article, we’ve got a great… Read More »

Our Pro service moves to Microsoft’s Azure

May 15, 2017,

New accounts on our Pro service will soon be stored on Microsoft’s cloud [Azure] in the UK Since our successful release of version 7 of Ahsay’s backup software, we will shortly be storing all new backed-up data on Microsoft’s cloud [Azure] in the UK and Northern Europe. Further Azure regions will be added on request…. Read More »

Ahsay version 7 is now live on our Pro service

March 13, 2017,

We have today launched version 7.9.2 of Ahsay’s backup software on our Pro service. There is a new interface, and there have been a lot of improvements to both the client and back-end infrastructure. The biggest changes in features between version 6 and 7 Version 7 now supports backing up clustered Hyper V environments and… Read More »

Cloud-2-Cloud Backup: Data Transfer Made Easy

March 12, 2017,

We are all living in a world of information and data storage. Businesses and individuals need to store files somewhere before they can manipulate and send/receive it. With technological advancement, the storage options increased in numbers, especially in the past decade. One of the newest developments is cloud-based service, providing numerous benefits for users in… Read More »

BOBcloud plans for 2017

December 22, 2016,

As 2016 draws to an end, we thought we’d outline our plans for the next 3 months. Ahsay update As a reminder: We license our core backup software from Ahsay in the same way as we license our server software used by our cloud from Microsoft. Ahsay 7 rollout We have put Ahsay 7 into… Read More »

Online backup software change log (Ahsay)

November 17, 2016,

This article has been moved to     Definitions Ahsay – The manufacturer \ vendor of our core software – CBS (version 7 backup server) and OBS (version 6 backup server) – Reseller and our backup cluster servers. OBM – Client side software used to back up Servers and PCs (Windows and MAC)…. Read More »

Online backup GUI change log (

September 30, 2016,

Week ending 1st Sept 2017 (Custom development) (Preparation for upcoming features) Enhancement: Current year macro for All Pages footer. Fix an issue causing emails about server/client-side backupset deletions not to be sent in rare cases (Ahsay) Fix issue causing some menu options to be absent for some users. Fix issues affecting the rendering of dialog… Read More »
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