How to Backup your iPhone

How to backup your iPhone

How to backup your iPhone and iPad If you want to preserve all your treasured data, photos, etc on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you will need a reliable backup.  If you are like me, you will probably at some point, lose, or break your iPhone. It might just stop working one day, or […]

Microsoft Azure UK South Region outage on 14th September 2020

Azure outage September 2020

14th September 2020 Azure UK outage 70% of our backup clusters went offline in the UK South region of Microsoft’s Azure during the outage. What went wrong The impact statement is published below, but what isn’t clear is how Microsoft deals with these issues. They simply unplug or turn off down their Hyper V hosts […]

What is the difference between cloud backup and online backup?

what is the difference between cloud backup and online backup

Differences between Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup There aren’t any specific differences between cloud and online backups, rather these names have been adopted by the industry over years. Cloud backups and storage are, in general more generic terms for simple file system backups such as Dropbox or OneDrive. You might not have the option for unlimited […]

Bandwidth Calculator and Data Transfer calculator

cloud bandwidth upload download calculator

Bandwidth Calculator – Calculate File and Data Transfer times How long does it take to upload download data? Our bandwidth calculator quickly calculates the time it will take to transfer your data on your LAN or the internet. The data and results are the same regardless of how you are uploading your data. Data throughput […]

Multi-Cloud Data Transfer

Multi-cloud data transfer

Multi-Cloud Data Transfer Whether your cloud storage is with Google storage, Dropbox, or OneDrive, you can benefit from a system that allows you to seamlessly manage your cloud storage on all your platforms.  Backup, sync, replicate and share instantly. Businesses and individuals need to store their data somewhere before they can manipulate and send/receive it. […]

Wasabi storage Vs Azure

Wasabi storage Vs Azure If you haven’t heard of Wasabi’s storage yet, we recommend you take a look. Wasabi is as fast, secure and durable as Azure’s LRS blob storage whilst costing a lot less with free transfers in and out (ingress and egress). We have written a report and speed test on Wasabi Vs […]

Cloud Backup vs. Sync: Which is Better?

Cloud Backup vs. Sync: Which is Better?

Businesses these days have a lot to deal with, especially concerning their data. With files only getting bigger, their protection becomes quite troublesome to handle. This is where cloud services kick in, providing firms with simple solutions on where and how to keep their documents safe. In this guide, we differentiate between cloud backup and sync […]

Cloud to cloud backups, and cloud data transfer

Cloud 2 Cloud backups explained

The future of Cloud to Cloud backup and data transfer If my data is stored in the cloud, why do I need to back it up again? Are Cloud to Cloud backups a true archive? Cloud-to-Cloud backup roll-up