Changes to billing

**From 1st June our billing method is changing**

Pricing will remain the same.

Reasons for the change

1. We have always invoiced in arrears and had a 30 day termination period. Reseller feedback has told us the 30 day termination period is very often forgotten by their customers because some backups can run for years. This has sometimes caused awkward discussions between our Resellers and their customers.
2. Because we don’t know a device’s storage usage until the end of the month, we have to charge in arrears.

What is changing?

1. The 30 day termination periods will be removed for all devices.
2. Whenever a Reseller converts a new device from trial to contract or increases a license count (such as Exchange mailboxes), we will charge twice for the license. This allows Resellers to pass on the cost to their customers at the start of the backup’s life and not be charged a termination fee.


Q. A server is converted from trial to contract on 1st day of the month, what is the cost?
A. The device is charged £13 (£6.50 server license charge x 2) on the 1st day of the following month plus any storage used in the month it was put onto contract. Each month thereafter the device is charged a £6.50 license charge and for its storage.

Q. A server has previously been activated and is using Exchange mailbox, VMware or Hyper V licenses. What happens if I add another license for Exchange mailbox, VMware or Hyper V?
A. On the next invoice we will charge for the cost of the new license x 2. If you add one VMware license, we will charge £5 for the additional license.

Q. If we add 10 extra Exchange mailbox, VMware or Hyper V licenses by accident onto a live (not trial account) device and remove them a day later, what happens here?
A. Ahsay will bill us for licenses as soon as they are activated. This is regardless of whether they are used or even if you have the corresponding service running on your device. In this instance we will double bill for each license.

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