Starting a business usually requires a website. This is especially true for businesses that offer online services, no matter what the industry is. Organisations deal with the globalised audience which, apart from benefits, carries risks as well. The growth rate of e-commerce is large but so is cybercrime as well.

Data encryption is the best solution when it comes to brute force attacks from hackers. Providing data confidentiality and security is becoming increasingly important for businesses that wish to keep their clients’ private information safe.

What Data Encryption Algorithm do We Use?

On the BOBcloud platform, the encryption process restricts access to clients’ files. It ensures the safety of data, even in the unlikely event that unauthorised users get a hold of them. Encryption occurs before the transfer starts. Secure communication between private servers and BOBcloud storage is possible through 256 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) channel.

BOBcloud data encryption facilitates three available options including AES, Twofish or DESede. AES provides the highest level of security, though it also carries the lowest level of backup speed of files. DESede is the exact opposite, as it provides flexibility to customers for different file types. You can find more information on encryption algorithms on our manual page.

Additionally, there are two encryption methods; ECB and CBC, with the latter possessing the highest level of protection. It supports 128 bit and 256-bit key lengths, which ensure that outside attacks are severely limited (AES 256 bit encryption has a resistance of 5.42 x 1052 years to be cracked).

Security Key Options

The encryption key allows users to encrypt or decrypt their files, providing them with ownership rights. BOBcloud offers three types of security keys; Default, User password and Custom. The default is a randomly generated code string and is thus the most secure option. However, users have the choice to make up their own character set with the User password option or to choose a different route altogether with a Custom option.

We store encryption keys in special files (settings.sys), encrypted by AES 256 bit algorithm within clients’ desktop servers. As a measure of protection, the BOBcloud platform requires users to provide encryption keys in several situations including fatal outage, accessing files on other machines, when restoring files or if settings.sys is compromised.

As an additional layer of security, BOBcloud platform offers flexibility in terms of encryption key management. Users are able either to keep keys solely on their server or to have a copy within the platform to satisfy any legal and protection demands.

Avoid Risky Behaviour

Cloud-based backup has benefits that can really help businesses keep their precious files intact. However, adherence to safety measures applies to users as well. It is vitally important that account and encryption keys remain safe. Parties outside of the organisation should not have access to such details. Additionally, companies should create their own backups as well, especially if the files being duplicated are of immense importance.

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