How we write

All our articles are written by us in an unbiased way.

Where we test a service, we use our own Lab and print what we experience.

We NEVER accept payment for our reviews or articles

Almost all review sites will be either paid to write their reviews or they will receive affiliate payments when a visitor either clicks on a link to another site, or get paid a referral \ affiliate fee if that visitor goes on to purchase a service \ product.

This is how the internet runs and we prefer not to make our money in this way.

You can imagine how disingenuous our reviews would be if we received a large sum of money from a vendor for pretending to be writing about their service whilst secretly promoting their service. 

How to check if your favourite review site is being paid to promote other websites and services

This is simple to do:

Hover your mouse over a link on an article or image.

If it goes to (the random number is the affiliate’s ID link), the site is being paid for the referral. If the link goes to or, (i.e. no random meaningless links), the first site is not being paid to refer the other site.

Revenue we are missing out on

We have run a few blog articles on the subject of block storage for Wasabi, Azure and Backblaze B2.

Below is an image from Google Analytics showing recent clicks on these subjects. 

Most visitors search for Backblaze B2 tests and we have a split of 60% from the US, 35% from the UK, and the remaining 5% are from Australia, NZ and the rest of the world.

The bounce rate (this is how many visitors view one page and then move away without further clicking through our site) of 72% is quite high and we normally see an average of 30% bounce rate on our other pages.  

The average time on site is more than 2 minutes and this tells us the visitor read the article and got something from it. We don’t have clickbait on our site which would improve our clickthrough rate.

If we signed up as an affiliate of these vendors and only 1% of those links were clicked on, we would expect an affiliate payment of around £600. If the vendors paid Google for clicks to their website, they would expect to pay £5 per click, and that is a massive £5,380 free advertising they have had from us.

wasabi-backblazeb3-azure- searches

What is in it for us?

Firstly, we use all these vendor services in our business, so we have to test them all anyway. 

It is great experience for our new team members to test and write about what they see. We are always amazed by the results of our testing Vs. our prior expectations.

We don’t write bad reviews because it is unfair unless the vendor has a chance to answer our questions. 

What you see are genuine articles which are factual and honest.


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