Online backup software under the covers

November 13, 2017,

Online backup software under the covers

Anyone visiting our website will realise very quickly we license our core software from Ahsay in Hong Kong [] and store customer data on Microsoft’s cloud in the UK. A synergy of the two best partners we have found.

Why the lack of opaqueness at BOBcloud?
Online backup providers with a turnover of less than 5 million GBP will not write their own software and will simply rebrand another company’s software. Most of our resellers realise this already and we have nothing to gain from pretending to write our own software.

We spend our time and money developing solutions which Ahsay don’t provide, such as a reseller portal and billing platform which will scales up to thousands of backup servers. We are currently developing (November 2017) a tool which will estimate how long a new backup will take to complete. This is based on the location of the device backing up, expected compression on their data and the bandwidth on their connection to their local Microsoft Azure data centre. This will potentially save resellers and their customers the cost of unnecessary SEED services.

Why we are transparent
Ahsay are a mature company listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange with a turnover of approx. 30 million GBP and are the world’s largest supplier of online backup software to MSPs. We are more than happy to be aligned with them.

It isn’t possible to be listed on any stock exchange unless you have sufficient credibility, business structure and money. In addition companies are always under scrutiny and their financial workings open for all to see. Nowhere to hide!

Ahsay’s software is trusted around the world to back up everything from taxi offices, blue chips, to schools and government. As far as we have been able to log statistics, 15-20% of our new Resellers come to us because they have previously used, or are using Ahsay. They like the product, but don’t want the hassle of running their own servers or come to us because we supply Ahsay software and our portal for less than they can purchase direct from Ahsay. The joys of bulk buying.

Why hide the software provider?
There are very few online backup software companies in the world who offer their services to MSPs and resellers for them to package together into their own services.

We have all heard about the big players, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive etc. These are all services which can only be resold in their native state, and it isn’t possible for online backup companies like BOBcloud to acquire their source software.
This is where the companies who write online backup software for MSPs enter the market. They provide the core software and let resellers use the parts they need to their customers and store their customers’ data where they want to.

There are probably no more than 10 companies who write software for MSPs with Ahsay being the largest by far.

BOBcloud – proud to be transparent

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