Our Pro service moves to Microsoft’s Azure

May 15, 2017,

New accounts on our Pro service will soon be stored on Microsoft’s cloud [Azure] in the UK

Since our successful release of version 7 of Ahsay’s backup software, we will shortly be storing all new backed-up data on Microsoft’s cloud [Azure] in the UK and Northern Europe. Further Azure regions will be added on request.
In doing so, our Resellers won’t have to explain where their data is stored and the move should allow Resellers to secure new business.
No existing version 6 or 7 installations will be affected in any way.
You can move existing accounts to Azure if you want to.
New and existing Lite services won’t be available on Azure in the immediate future.

Why we chose Azure
We tested a number of 3rd party cloud services and ruled out most because they weren’t based in the UK, too expensive or simply didn’t work.

The basic storage level we will be using will see three copies of your data stored on separate hardware at any one time. This level of durability is named ‘LRS’ and more can be read on their site Azure LRS

Azure is owned by Microsoft, and as you would expect they adhere to the expected compliance regimes such as ISO 27001 and HIPPA.
Microsoft Azure’s compliance statement can be found here Azure’s compliance

Getting started
We will notify you when the new cluster is available and we expect that to be in the next week.

Re-brand or not
As you will have seen in version 7, we have tried to make the service as vanilla as possible. The products are referred to simply as Server or Desktop and there is little reference to BOBcloud in any of the images or messages.

We will shortly be contacting all re-branded resellers with a version 7 build for testing.

Introduce more Azure regions and durability options such as multi-data centre replication as and when requested.
Provide a software only service where you can specify your own destination such as FTP, Azure, S3, Google, Dropbox etc.

If you have any questions, please contact us via our Helpdesk

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