Multi-Cloud Data Transfer

Multi-cloud data transfer

Multi-Cloud Data Transfer Whether your cloud storage is with Google storage, Dropbox, or OneDrive, you can benefit from a system that allows you to seamlessly manage your cloud storage on all your platforms.  Backup, sync, replicate and share instantly. Businesses and individuals need to store their data somewhere before they can manipulate and send/receive it. […]

Why we have our prices on our website

Prices explained

Why we display our cloud backup prices on our site A better question might be is “why don’t other cloud backup service providers show their prices on their websites?” The big players such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon AWS, Backblaze B2, Wasabi and Dropbox all display their prices online, so we see no logic in being […]

How our cloud storage trials work

unlimited storage

Here at BOBcloud, we like you to give our software a good blast and throw some serious data at us during your trial period. Basics All versions of Windows (server and desktop) and MAC are supported. Where you can back up to?Depending on the region you selected when you created your Reseller account, your data […]

IT Reseller Backup

Cloud Backup for Resellers

IT Reseller Backup If you are an MSP or IT Reseller, our cloud backup service will fit right in with your existing IT services portfolio. We provide the entire service rebranded in your company name. At BOBcloud we define Resellers as IT professionals and Support companies who provide online backups to their customers as part […]

Wasabi storage Vs Azure

Wasabi storage Vs Azure If you haven’t heard of Wasabi’s storage yet, we recommend you take a look. Wasabi is as fast, secure and durable as Azure’s LRS blob storage whilst costing a lot less with free transfers in and out (ingress and egress). We have written a report and speed test on Wasabi Vs […]

Cloud Backup vs. Sync: Which is Better?

Cloud Backup vs. Sync: Which is Better?

Businesses these days have a lot to deal with, especially concerning their data. With files only getting bigger, their protection becomes quite troublesome to handle. This is where cloud services kick in, providing firms with simple solutions on where and how to keep their documents safe. In this guide, we differentiate between cloud backup and sync […]

Cloud to cloud backups, and cloud data transfer

Cloud 2 Cloud backups explained

The future of Cloud to Cloud backup and data transfer If my data is stored in the cloud, why do I need to back it up again? Are Cloud to Cloud backups a true archive? Cloud-to-Cloud backup roll-up

Our Support Stats for 2019

BOBcloud support, how did we do?

Support statistics for 2019 When we close a support ticket, we send an email to everyone who commented on that ticket.Feedback is requested on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best). Results Average feedback is 9.79 across 12 members of staff. Our staff can’t rate or view ticket results. We show the results for […]