Chunking files at 32MB

November 27, 2017,

One of the lesser known features of Ahsay 7 is the change in how it slices up large files before transmitting them. Previous versions would send a file in its entirety after compression to the backup destination. It was perfectly normal for us to see Hyper V backups of 2 TB being stored on our… Read More »

Online backup software under the covers

November 13, 2017,

Online backup software under the covers Anyone visiting our website will realise very quickly we license our core software from Ahsay in Hong Kong [] and store customer data on Microsoft’s cloud in the UK. A synergy of the two best partners we have found. Why the lack of opaqueness at BOBcloud? Online backup providers… Read More »

Got Dropbox, OneDrive, FTP or other online storage?

October 5, 2017,

If so, you have an online backup business! With the release of Ahsay version (6th Oct 2017), we are now providing a software only service so you can back up to your storage anywhere (well almost). All details and pricing can be found on the ‘Your Storage‘ page. How does it work? The next… Read More »

Backup Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and more using BOBcloud

October 4, 2017,

Do you want to back up your customers’ cloud systems to protect them from accidental or malicious data deletion? Most cloud systems only retain deleted data for 30 days which very often isn’t sufficient to trap any deleted data. With BOBcloud, you can retain your backups for as long as you like and provide peace… Read More »

Desktop promotion for September 2017

September desktop promotion for Resellers Ahsay have been running a summer promotion which has allowed us to purchase a quantity of their desktop licenses (ACB) at reduced rates. Do you have any customers who have yet to convert to online backups because of the cost? Now they can have total peace-of-mind with automated backups on… Read More »

£250 storage credit when upgrading from another online backup service

July 26, 2017,

BOBcloud competitive upgrade from your existing provider If you want to move from your existing online backup provider, we are offering a £250 storage credit to help make the transition easier. If you want us to, we can also set up your backups for you. £250 credit basics: No time limit. Software licenses are still… Read More »

How Azure is working out for us

July 20, 2017,

How is Azure working for us? 60 days in with Azure and we can say we are happy with it. We have clusters running in the UK, Ireland, Canada and USA. We plan to add more as and when requested to do so. Microsoft have 34 public regions at this time (July 2017) with another… Read More »

Why we use Azure

July 16, 2017,

Our customers expect the very best service seven days a week. We know you appreciate the importance of backing up your clients’ data. There are numerous storage providers out there, but we believe Microsoft’s cloud computing platform (Microsoft Azure) to be the best for data storage. And in our latest article, we’ve got a great… Read More »

How our trials work

June 22, 2017,

  Here at BOBcloud we like you to give our software a good blast and throw some serious data at us during your trial period.   Basics (all versions of Windows desktop and MAC supported) ‘Lite‘ trials store their data on Microsoft’s Azure cloud in the UK, run for 30 days, can use 15GB of… Read More »

Our Pro service moves to Microsoft’s Azure

May 15, 2017,

New accounts on our Pro service will soon be stored on Microsoft’s cloud [Azure] in the UK Since our successful release of version 7 of Ahsay’s backup software, we will shortly be storing all new backed-up data on Microsoft’s cloud [Azure] in the UK and Northern Europe. Further Azure regions will be added on request…. Read More »
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