Cheap is never good and good is never cheap


Cheap is never good and good is never cheap So the saying goes…. but why am I saying it? Your customer’s data is critical to them for a number of reasons. Not only do your customers need to restore their LOB database or other documents as part of their day-to-day business, but they might also […]

OpenText purchases Carbonite for $1.42 billion

OpenText is a Canadian enterprise software company that purchased Carbonite for $1.42bn yesterday. Carbonite said in a statement that it had received a number of offers and the OpenText deal was “the best way to maximise shareholder value”. What does this mean for UK companies using Carbonite? Nothing is likely to change in the interim, […]

Ransomware Attacks Growing in Power: September 2019 Report

Ransomware attacks are growing in power and numbers, sparing no one in the process. Governmental entities, schools, hospitals, and disability service providers all felt the heat of data set encryptions. Few organisations responded with ready-made backups and were spared the pain. However, those that could not afford prolonged systems’ lockdown were forced to pay hackers’ […]

Ransomware Attacks August Report – A Sudden Surge of Malware

In a recent month, ransomware attacks increased in numbers, attacking both public and private entities. Texas recorded an unprecedented ransomware campaign, while hospitals and school systems around the globe continue to suffer under malware attacks. At the same time, these attacks pinpoint the importance of cloud backup as a security measure.   Texas under Ransomware […]

Why an online backup solution crucial to securing your Office 365 emails and SharePoint

Say no to 0365 data loss

Whilst there is no denying the fact that business emails are of paramount importance, the question remains – is your Office 365 email secure? In recent years, Office 365 has become increasingly popular amongst businesses for email. Despite being a promising solution, one of the biggest concerns with OFFICE 365 is securing your email and […]

Your data is not as Private as you think it is

Is your data private?

Data privacy has become a major concern in recent years as hackers find more vulnerabilities in the cloud and public Wi-Fi connections that leave your personal data exposed to cybercriminals with malicious intentions. Additionally, some of the so-called privacy features offered by your web browser or your favourite social media app may not be as […]

July Monthly Review: Ransomware Evolving, Response Stagnates

                During July 2019, ransomware attacks showed just how creative hackers can be. Spreading within social media platforms, forums, and even android networks, ransomware can have large effects on organisations and individuals. We bring you a fresh summary of malware attacks as government institutions and companies face difficulties in […]

Honesty and Accuracy Policy

Honesty and Accuracy Policy

How we write All our articles are written by us in an unbiased way. Where we test a service, we use our own Lab and print what we experience. We NEVER accept payment for our reviews or articles Almost all review sites will be either paid to write their reviews or they will receive affiliate […]