PAYG resources would be great, wouldn’t they?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire and pay for a techie for the time needed to fix your most important customer’s server fault? Then pay nothing until the next fault.

How about having access to an identical server to replace the one which has gone down at a customer’s site and without holding any stock?

Or a broadband provider who only bills you for when you are using the Internet?

All are no doubt something you would be interested in if you want to maximise profit when running your business, however, the real-world has other plans.

The pain of buying and owning hardware

Why is it then, that IT Support specialists and MSPs still have servers, SANs and NAS’ in their office or a data centre which are always underutilised? Every storage device a data storage provider uses will have free space at any one time which they are paying for.

These types of overheads will drain money from any business and affect profitability.
Moving to a cloud-based storage solution allows you to pay for only the storage you are using. Why pay for servers and storage which are underused?

A few common objections to using cloud storage we hear, are:

We like to have our backup server in our office where we can keep an eye on it.

It is a nice idea, but it is unlikely to be protected from fire or theft. If the server were in a data centre, it would be protected by physical security and fire prevention systems.

Our customers insist we store their data in the UK

This is perfectly normal from a legal standing and because it is presumably quicker to restore data that is stored in the UK than in the US.

When we looked into this some more, we realised the customers were also using Dropbox and Office 365, so that goes against the legal point-of-view. These systems have previously or are currently located outside the UK. The information is readily available from the vendors’ websites and will no doubt change over time, therefore I won’t report on the locations here.

Microsoft and Amazon have both been running UK based data centres since 2018. Since then, Microsoft has seen an explosion in interest in their cloud. They are certified to host data for the NHS, Police and Crown systems. It has been so popular we have been unable to build VPS’ when they have been overstretched.

We want to restore data quickly to our office

Forward planning at its best. It is easy to create an online backup and watch it grow and grow in a data centre a hundred miles away. When you need to restore data, you might find it takes too long to transfer because of the way the data is stored.

Online backups will chop up your data into small blocks (ours uses 32MB blocks) and encrypt it before transmitting it. That process is simply reversed during a restore. Because there are so many small files, the overhead of interrogation each file and decrypting them before expanding has a significant overhead.

With our software, we have the built-in functionality for your customers to backup to their favourite cloud as well as a reseller’s server in another location using SFTP. This method provides 100% data durability whilst also providing a LAN restore option.

Counting the cloud types and regions out software supports, the total comes to more than 200.

The temptation

It is feasible to buy a business-class server or NAS with storage which will equate to £0.005 per GB per month spread over a 3 year period (typical lifespan).
Add on electric, bandwidth, secondary hardware and tech support, and that cost soon spirals out of control.

If you go for Microsoft blob storage you can expect to pay approx. £0.007 per GB per month or if using Wasabi, a lot less. Our software has the connectors built-into the software.

Need help?

We have extensive knowledge of Azure and Wasabi and can connect your system to their storage within a few minutes.