Online systems are great for allowing all employees to access important data in real-time, wherever they may be. It wasn’t that long ago that you would have to VPN into your company’s network to securely access your email and other data. Even then, you would have probably been restricted by the amount of bandwidth you had. This would seriously impact on what you could do. Typically, a corporate network had a 65Kbps link to the Internet, and remote \ home based staff would be on a similar 56Kbps dial-up link. This prompted the developers to come up with a better way to send and receive email; after all, you can’t download a 2MB file attachment over a 56K link.

Enter web mail and of course Microsoft had a hook on the market with their Outlook Web Access product (OWA) which shipped with Exchange.

What do you do when an employee destroys their mailbox just before they leave your company or afterwards if they still have access? The answer is not a lot and you might not even know about the damage they have done until months or years later. This could be right at the point you have to prove something in a legal dispute and can’t.

With BOBcloud you can protect your O365, hosted Exchange email, OneDrive and SharePoint from anywhere. Simply create the cloud-2-cloud backup and your data will be backed-up and restored via the cloud without the need for an on-premise device.


Remove human error


After the Internet opened up with the advent of DSL, Microsoft started shortly afterwards with a big push on their O365 platform, and the rest as they say, is history.

With the explosion of DSL and faster links to the Internet, a lot of other products came online and they needed backing up. We were already backing up Novell networks over Kilostream lines in the late nineties. For those who have grown up in a Microsoft world, Novell Netware was the King, the Guvnor and the whole enchilada when it came to networking. It was a slimline fighter in the OS2 Warp and Banyan Vines arena. A Novell file server in v3.1x could manage hundreds of devices from a 1MB server OS which was installed from floppies.

When we started providing online backups, we were already very well versed in the language of deltas, security and how to manage bandwidth. An online backup by its very nature must be able to transfer all of the source data within a timely manner. This requires some realistic thought from whoever is setting up the backup(s), i.e. can I squeeze my data up that pipe?

This was when online backup companies started to come alive and specialise in everything backup. Inevitably, every company wanted to employ thousands of resellers around the globe to resell online backup for them.

Not only was there a desire to backup data online, there was a stronger will to be able to restore it again. Anyone can backup, only heroes can restore! On top of that, there is a need to backup Windows desktop and server components (system state, bare metal, Exchange, SQL), Linux, MAC, MySQL and the latest cloud offerings of Office 365, Dropbox, AWS, Azure etc. We currently support the online backup of more than 40 different OS’, applications and 3rd party cloud formats to as many destinations.

If you want to see how we can help your business move to a platform which is designed for MSPs and Resellers, you can sign up for free on our system



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