How to backup school data in the cloud

If you store your school’s critical data online, you will know this has benefits and risks. Cloud storage is very popular amongst IT admins because you don’t have to worry about the life cycle of local storage, or maintaining it. However, cybercrime is a threat that needs careful consideration as hackers are quite innovative. Ransomware can be bothersome (to say the least!) and is something we understand well.

Even though your data is in the cloud, you are not exempt from issues such as data corruption through software malfunction or ransomware.

Our cloud backup service provides a service which protects your school data in the most secure way. With safety in mind, an online backup is possible on every server and desktop OS you are running.

Microsoft's cloud is an obvious choice as a school backup destination

Data Backup & 11 nines data durability as standard.

One of the main benefits that cloud storage has for data owners is the ability to access it from anywhere around the globe. Microsoft’s UK service platform offers secure data centres that are virtually impenetrable.

Have you calculated your RPO and RTO like a Pro?

Your data in safe hands

We don’t just backup operating systems, we also backup everything you have running.

Aside from file system backups, our software can backup VMware, Hyper V, Exchange (server and mailbox), Office 365, MS SQL, MySQL, System State, Bare Metal, MAC, Desktops and more.

Keeping your data in Safe Hands

When deciding on a cloud backup service, it is important to choose a reliable service provider that understands your needs.

Apart from unbreakable encryption and a secure backup procedure you expect as standard, BOBcloud offers 7-day support for its clients. Users have a single pane-of-glass management console for all their backup sets.

This is quite an important feature where ICT data is concerned, because admin users have visibility over all their backups wherever they are.

Unhackable during transfer and rest

Advanced Ransomware Security

The BOBcloud platform offers the latest security measures such as AES 256 bit encryption. For more information on encryption, we suggest reading the Data Security White Paper to gain an understanding of our safety procedures. It ensures third parties cannot gain access to files being backed up during transit. Additionally, encryption keys restrict the possibility of hackers gaining access to your BOBcloud account.

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