What to Look for in Online Data Backup Platforms

When it comes to company servers, backing up all your important data is a good idea. This is especially true if such information can cause damage to the company if compromised. With the cybercrime rate steadily rising, cloud backup services are a popular choice within business cycles. By choosing the optimal solution, entrepreneurs have the […]

Cloud Data Encryption: Importance of Safety Measures

Cloud Data Encryption

Starting a business usually requires a website. This is especially true for businesses that offer online services, no matter what the industry is. Organisations deal with the globalised audience which, apart from benefits, carries risks as well. The growth rate of e-commerce is large but so is cybercrime as well. Data encryption is the best […]

Ransomware Attacks Growing in Power: September 2019 Report

Ransomware attacks are growing in power and numbers, sparing no one in the process. Governmental entities, schools, hospitals, and disability service providers all felt the heat of data set encryptions. Few organisations responded with ready-made backups and were spared the pain. However, those that could not afford prolonged systems’ lockdown were forced to pay hackers’ […]

Why an online backup solution crucial to securing your Office 365 emails and SharePoint

Say no to 0365 data loss

Whilst there is no denying the fact that business emails are of paramount importance, the question remains – is your Office 365 email secure? In recent years, Office 365 has become increasingly popular amongst businesses for email. Despite being a promising solution, one of the biggest concerns with OFFICE 365 is securing your email and […]

Police Federation are held to ransom

No system is invulnerable

On the 9th March 2019, the England and Wales Police Federation [PFEW] were subjected to a ransomware attack on the main computer system in their Surrey Headquarters. The attack disabled their email connections and locked them out of their files. This was confirmed in their Twitter feed It took them 12 days to report the […]