If you are looking for data storage solutions, cloud service providers like Wasabi are really useful. Accommodating different levels of organisations, suits both business owners and  Government. More importantly, the team behind it offers excellent customer service, regular updates, and they are an established cloud market player.

In this article, we provide information regarding services Wasabi offers, including its background, services, and security. We also provide price benchmark analysis to rank the company within a cloud industry.


Little Bit of History

The company was established by two tech professionals and enthusiasts, David Friend and Jeff Flowers in 2017. The cloud business is not the first project Friend and Flowers collaborated on, with cloud backup platform Carbonite being their first major success. Wasabi went through a rebranding in 2018 to change its original name of “BlueArchive.”

It says a lot about a business that successfully organised three fundraisers, two in 2017 and one in 2018. Cumulatively, Wasabi platform managed to accumulate $87.7 million in funding which was needed to establish operations, office, and software solutions. After the initial launch, Wasabi planned to expand its office locations by opening one in the Netherlands, penetrating the European market.


Available Services

Wasabi currently offers a large chunk of the cloud services available in the market, including storage, data backup, recovery, and others. Moreover, its portfolio changes depending on the markets’ needs and wants.



Primarily, Wasabi offers cloud-based storage capacities for companies in the UK, EU and the US. Through the online platform’s support, firms have the ability to free up their hardware and speed up operations. Service acknowledges the need to archive files that are readily available for download. Thus, both types of data storing, short (hot) and long-term (cold), are available for users.

Additionally, it is possible to change the status of your folders between hot and cold storage. It helps businesses prioritise their information and keep them safe from both internal and external threats.

In terms of security, Wasabi offers HTTPS-supported download and upload of data. Combined with complete encryption, the safety system aims to limit the injection of unauthorised third parties. Additionally, all communication within the platform is delivered through SSL (HTTPS) to ensure the complete protection of all files.


Backup & Recovery

As an add-on service to archiving, Wasabi offers complete backup and recovery services in case the company needs an additional layer of security. These products help keep important files elsewhere apart from the company’s network. Encrypted data sets are safe from data loss and internal errors by eleven nines (99.999999999%) durability level hot cloud storage. Additionally, the speed of recovery and backup of data ensures that the IT department gets the job done  quickly.


DevOps & Data Analytics

The platform offers applicable scalability of business data needs and easily programmable infrastructure through AWS S3 API.


Who Should Use it?

Overall, Wasabi segments its customers into three main categories:

– Enterprises

– Small Business (SMEs)

– Public  bodies

Small businesses in the UK have their own set of available services at Wasabi. SMEs can test out the platform through a free trial period of 30 days to benchmark results with other cloud storage services. The platform implements an interesting “Pay-as-you-grow” principle where data storage capacities follow the needs of a business. It is possible to change plans anytime according to  your needs.


Pricing Policies

What makes Wasabi competitive in the cloud market are its low fees. Whereas competitors, Amazon’s S3 and Microsoft’s Azure included, take additional costs on APIs and download services, Wasabi implements per TB plans. Currently, users have a fixed price of $5.99 per TB/month, with no additional expenses for downloads/uploads.

Data Storage / TB Wasabi Amazon S3 Microsoft Azure Google Cloud
Monthly $5.99 $26.26 $18.94 $27.44
Yearly $71.88 $315.14 $227.31 $329.27


Taking into account data traffic on and off the platform, the drastic difference between Wasabi’s price plans and competitors is even more pronounced.

Data Storage / TB with 100% download option Wasabi Amazon S3 Microsoft Azure Google Cloud
Monthly $5.99 $117.50 $29.08 $108.54
Yearly $71.88 $1,410.00 $348.96 $1,302.48


In essence, Wasabi is currently the cheapest option available, even without downloading any data.


Summarising Wasabi

All in all, Wasabi offers a comprehensive cloud services portfolio, aimed at businesses operating within the UK, EU and the US. Interestingly, it also ensures complete safety of files at a fraction of a price that competitors have at the moment.

With numerous data analytics available, firms from across different industries can reap benefits by transferring their datasets to Wasabi.

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