Wasabi hot cloud storage promo - 50% discount

Pricing per GB per month for the lifetime of the account

New accounts using our pre-defined Wasabi storage destination will be charged 50% less for their Wasabi storage. This is for the lifetime of the backup account and not time-limited.

£ 0.01
$ 0.014
€ 0.015

We provide two pre-defined storage destinations (Microsoft Azure and Wasabi). You can also use AWS S3, Backblaze B2, and over 100 other cloud storage providers for your backups.

How to get the deal

Convert any new account from TRIAL to PAID before March 31st 2021 and quote WASABI when placing the order.


The device has not backed-up to our service before.
You have not deleted any PAID accounts in the previous 30 days.
The code WASABI must be entered when you place an order with us.

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