When it comes to company servers, backing up all your important data is a good idea. This is especially true if such information can cause damage to the company if compromised. With the cybercrime rate steadily rising, cloud backup services are a popular choice within business cycles.

By choosing the optimal solution, entrepreneurs have the ability to secure their files, all the while keeping costs at a reasonable level.

Background & Security Measures

Prior to the service engagement, data owners should really consider the background of the company behind the cloud backup platform. There have been many cases of fraudulent activities in the past, where sensitive information has been compromised. The history of the cloud platform, as well as users’ reviews, serves as a testimony for new clients.

A cloud-based backup solution has mandatory safety features, with the most prominent one being encryption. Throughout the process, the possibility of a third party gaining access to your files whilst in the backup process is low. In terms of possession, encryption keys would ensure that companies have complete control over the copied files. Combined, encryption and their keys would provide a complex security system that hackers will find hard to break.

Amount and Speed of Data Backup

Databases can be very large and often measure many GB in size, especially if they have been in use for a long period. Companies tend to gather information regarding their operations on a yearly basis, with files often exceeding the storage limitations on their hardware. Cloud backup of old data, as well as vitally important files, could free up storage capacities and increase business network performance.

Cloud platforms often define their minimum and maximum backup sizes, as well as the speed upon which the backup is conducted. Usually, powerful platforms would not exactly have limitations for business users and or quite high limitations for individual enquiries. Additionally, the bandwidth speed is important as well.

If you want to check how fast your device can backup to our platform, try our Azure speedtest 

With our cloud backup service, you can configure how long your data is retained for on your chosen storage destination. No matter what happens to the data on your local storage devices, your backed-up data will remain persistent and durable in the cloud for as long as you specify.