Why Cloud Storage is important for your data security

Your data has never been more at risk than it is now. Along with the usual software corruption and hardware problems a Sysadmin must deal with, your data is constantly being targeted by cybercriminals with ransomware.

Whatever your customers’ level of knowledge, one thing is constant, their backups are more important than ever.

Cloud storage and backup is a low-cost option that can save a company from significant financial loss when their data is lost. They are easy to implement and we provide a free service if your storage requirements are less than 50GB. 


The best reasons to use a cloud storage backup

1. Backing up to the cloud saves money. There is no need to invest in additional backup hardware (tapes and tape drive), and it does away with ongoing maintenance and service charges. The pricing structure means that you usually do not have to pay for anything upfront (certainly the case with Microsoft Azure that we use), and your storage easily grows as your data needs grow.

2. Using the cloud as a backup destination is easy: It is a simple way to keep another backup off-site. It is much quicker to restore data from a cloud backup than requesting tapes from an offsite location where they run the risk of being lost or stolen. The cloud data is centralised, so it is more straightforward to retrieve. Any authorised Sysadmin in an organisation can quickly and securely access information.

3. Cloud backup is a reliable way of protecting your data. Multiple copies are made to give complete peace of mind that nothing will ever be lost. This has a positive benefit for a company’s disaster recovery and business continuity – you know your data is safe. If you keep a few hard drives in a safe in the office and disaster strikes, your backed-up data is lost.

4. For extra security, data is encrypted before being transmitted securely to an offsite data centre. The decryption key resides with you, our customer. These safeguards are more advanced than unencrypted on-site data storage and recovery systems. The high level of security with the cloud means your data is protected against cyberattacks.

5. The cloud saves you time. Because the backup is automatic, it does not require an additional investment of time each month to manually organise. Freeing up IT resources allows an organisation to focus on more long-term, strategic initiatives, instead of focusing on the day-to-day management of data.

6. Cloud-based backup solutions offer enterprise-scale capacities, therefore easily supporting the highly sophisticated applications of large organisations.

7. Cloud computing services are regularly updated and enhanced, so you will always get the very best in service. This is true if you are one of our customers who currently benefit from Microsoft Azure’s cloud services.

8. Data that has been created in the cloud cannot be backed up by traditional data protection solutions. As more organisations adopt SaaS (Software as a Service) based applications, cloud backup is the way forward for looking after this kind of data.

Get in touch if you would like us to tell you more about the cloud backup service we offer, or if there is anything else you need to convince your customers to go with the cloud.

We are always happy to help.

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