Why we display our cloud backup prices on our site

A better question might be is “why don’t other cloud backup service providers show their prices on their websites?”

The big players such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon AWS, Backblaze B2, Wasabi and Dropbox all display their prices online, so we see no logic in being any different ourselves.

If a cloud backup service provider’s website doesn’t explain what they do in a clear and concise manner, that means they probably want their customers to call them so you can explain the obvious.

This might work if you have invented the latest thing in light speed jet propulsion for cars that fly underwater! Clearly that needs further explanation but why do cloud backups need someone to explain how they work?

Firstly, everyone who wants cloud backup for their business or educational data knows all about cloud backup software and how the data is stored and restored.

Explaining it in ‘child speak‘ simply increases staffing levels at the cloud backup provider and this in-turn increases their prices.

We don’t have these extra layers of staffing, and that allows us to keep our costs down. We find our customers appreciate we don’t waste money and can simply keep our costs low.

At time of writing you can backup a Windows server with all its core components (Exchange server, SQL, bare metal, system states, etc), and have unlimited online storage for £7 per month. No contracts and cancel anytime.

We asked the simple question “did having the price on our website help you?”

They all said yes.

No one said they would have preferred to waste their time and money trying to discover our pricing.

There are so many cloud backup service providers around today and it has never been easier to compare pricing with at least 10 of the major providers anytime.

Somethings just don’t make sense. Not to us, or Google, Microsoft and Amazon AWS either.

One theory why some cloud backup companies don’t put their prices on their website, is that their prices are very high and they try to justify that.

We use the world’s most popular cloud backup software [Ahsay], use the world’s best storage providers [Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Wasabi, to name a few], and we provide support seven days a week in your time zone.

Online pricing is a must

Here at BOBcloud, we have always displayed the price of our licenses, module and storage services. Our online cloud backup calculator will allow you to instantly see our prices and have them sent to you in a PDF.

We are asked from time to time by new resellers NOT to publish our prices online. The reason for this normally is because they are worried their customer will find us online and see our pricing and want to deal directly with us instead.

Your customers can’t deal directly with us.

We never deal directly with end-users because that is the role of our resellers. We only deal with IT Support companies and larger companies with their own IT Departments. This will normally mean they are turning over at least £2 million per year and won’t use standard reseller services. If an end-user contacts us, we ask them to contact their local BOBcloud reseller.

We believe end-users realise that procuring a service like ours is just one piece of their disaster prevention and recovery strategy. For any DR plan to be effective, someone needs to understand how to create a backup strategy, how to use our software and how to restore a failed device. This is where our resellers add real value to their cloud backup service.

What is our recommended resell price?

The million-dollar question! What price should I charge as a reseller of cloud backup with BOBcloud?

Most of our resellers provide our cloud backup to their customers as part of a support package. Where it is resold directly, we recommend a markup of 20% on our prices because the backups need setting up correctly, checking each day, and of course, restores will normally be done by the reseller.