Unlimited Cloud Storage Backup

The World’s easiest-to-use Cloud Backup stores your data with 11 nines data durability (99.999999999%)

Backup these source locations to these destinations

Cloud Backup modules
Cloud Backup destinations

Protection from *£1.50 | $2 | €1.70 per month

Unlimited file retention

Unlike some other Cloud Backup systems, with BOBcloud you can set the retention period of your data from one day to infinity. 

All our backups start with the retention period set to 5 years, and you can amend this on each backup set. 

You can set one backup set to retain all history and deleted files for life and another to retain data for a shorter period. 

These settings are managed from your Reseller portal.

Cloud Backup Retention Policy settings

NAS, local disk, and cloud backup

Cloud Backup NAS and USB disk destinations

We know you need to backup your data regardless of where you store it.

Even the simplest of desktops will have data sprawled across local disks, network storage, cloud storage, and other locations. It is simple to backup NAS devices using a UNC path like \\network-name\share), a USB disk, or cloud-based storage (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Backblaze, etc). 

Our software comes pre-configured with these connectors for free so you can protect all the data your device(s) use in a few clicks.

No need to use multiple backup techniques and software applications. BOBcloud does it all from one simple interface in a few clicks.

All backup statuses (missed, failed and success) can be monitored from your portal.

Unhackable security and unmatched data durability

Your data is stored with an SLA of 11 nines (99.999999999%) data durability over a one year period. This is the same level of data durability provided by Amazon and Microsoft’s Azure for a fraction of the cost.

If you gave BOBcloud, Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure 1 million files to store, the statistics show you would lose one file every 659,000 years. Statistics also show you are 400 times more likely to get hit by a meteor. 

Should you require more data durability, our software allows you to backup an unlimited amount of data to your own local storage or any other cloud platform.

Multi-system support

Cloud Backup modules

BOBcloud’s Business cloud backup service allows you to protect all your Windows (Server and Desktop), Linux, and Mac devices.

Wherever, and however you have your live data running, our software can connect to it and securely back it up online.

If you require protection for the other devices and applications used by your organisation, i.e. Office, 365, Hyper V, VMware, QNAP and Synology NAS’, bare metal, system state and SQL (MS & MySQL), these modules are available in our Enterprise edition.

White label your solution

If white labelling our software is important to your business, this can be done when you become a **Reseller You can have your branding on the client-side software, report, online portal and email alerts. 

After you have configured the rebrand of our software, your customers will only see your company’s name in the online portal and alert emails.

Create your Reseller portal now

Creating the reseller portal takes a minute, and you can be backing up your device(s) in under 5 minutes.

We don’t need any bank or credit card details, and you can create as many Free 90 day unlimited trials as you like.

*£1.50 | $2 | €1.70 per month (based on a 12-month contract)

**Reseller. The rebrand is Free if you maintain at least 10 x desktops or server accounts on contract.