Drive 70% more organic traffic to your website

If you don’t use a forum and knowledgebase where you can answer your customers’ questions and objections, your customers will go elsewhere.

If your forum is on a legacy system and isn’t performing correctly, you might as well pull it down. We can build your forum using the Discourse software and host it for you on its own private server in the UK. This isn’t ‘laggy’ shared hosting!

Its all about your website speed

If your website or forum takes longer than one second to load, 2 things will happen.

First off, Google probably won’t index your site if your competitors’ sites load quicker. Google is all about matching search queries to the most relevant data. Websites that take 3 seconds or more to load are not relevant to anyone.

Secondly, even if Google lists your site on page one, your visitors will bounce off your site before it loads. 70% of website visitors bounce if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load.

We’ll guarantee that the forum we build and host for you will have a Google insight of 95% or higher and will have a meaningful load of less than one second. 

You’re not going to believe that are you?
Check how Google rates the speed of our forum below. You can check our claim is genuine and check the speed of your site using this link to
Google’s PageSpeed Insights 

We will deliver the same results on your forum.

What is Discourse?

Discourse are a leading provider of hosted and open-source forum software. We will install the open-source version and manage it for you.

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How can your forum drive more traffic to your site?

Our forums and knowledgebases generate 80% of organic traffic to our website. The forum we host all our tech docs for the cloud backup system we use [Ahsay] is 

These visitors have searched for our site and very few of them are our existing customers. This means more than 90% of the organic visitors to our website are techies from other companies using the same software as us [Ahsay]. Because these techies either own the business they work in or have a say in which products they support (everyone listens to techies), they qualify as hot leads right away.

How has our forum helped

Let’s dive into the analytics of our website to see how this helps us improve our service offering and profit.

Let’s focus on what this means to us.

The image on the right shows 186 organic visitors to our website on Friday the 13th of November 2020. If we used Google ADs to pay for these clicks, we would expect to pay £3 upwards for each click. That is a whopping £145,000 per year (Yes, £145K), and we have only calculated this for Monday-Friday.

Considering our service is a niche, the results are quite good. We have a nice spread across countries who are most likely to pay for a service like ours.

The added bonus is that these are people searching for something, and Google is sending them to us. Organic visitors like these tend to have a bounce rate of less than 30%.
Visitors from Google ADs are more likely to bounce off our site in the first 15 seconds than organic visitors.

Because we provide everything an IT Support company needs to run their cloud backup service with Ahsay without the hassle of licenses, hardware, or server support; we have convinced existing resellers to ditch their own hardware and move to us. They still use Ahsay, but because their costs have gone down, their sales revenues increase.

That new business has come from organic visitors to our forums.

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