Forums and Knowledgebases = More Sales

Forums are proven to increase visitors to your website and improve customer relations whilst reducing staff costs associated with repeatedly answering the same questions.
We install, configure and manage hosted and on-premise forums and knowledgebases. Discourse is our favourite.

£99 install
  • Built for search engines icon
  • FREE, and no license charges icon
  • SSL certificate installed icon
  • No technical skills required icon
  • Compliance ready (ISO 27001 and GDPR) icon
  • Post answers to FAQs icon
  • Update from anywhere icon
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Simple to use

Get your company's message out there 24x7



You have spent years creating FAQs, technical papers, manuals and have a wealth of knowledge you can share with existing and future customers. This data isn’t working for you if it is tucked away on your network or on SharePoint.

By putting this data where it can be seen on a forum, it can be appreciated by everyone which will in-turn improve your online reputation.

A Discourse forum will be indexed by search engines a lot quicker and in more detail than your website alone.



However you want to update your public documents, the platform will work for you. You can update your Discourse from devices running Windows, MAC or Linux. Full support is provided for APPs running iOS and Android.



Data control is essential for forums and knowledgebases if you don’t want your data to sprawl out of control.

You will be able to manage your environment from a single web page wherever you are. You can delegate forum moderators, allow trusted contributors to moderate other posts and fulfil your visitors’ wants and needs with minimal input.

Forums should be organic and grow on their own.



Every online system will be a target for cybercriminals who will want to steal your customers’ personal data and blackmail you.

SSL security is a minimum requirement for any system nowadays along with access permissions and user roles configured out-of-the-box. All users start with minimal permissions so there can be no accidental elevation of rights.

Discourse is used by more than 1,500 organisations which you can check for yourself

Because Discourse is a mature product you can be sure the ability of their software to zone the many thousands of users an average forum will contain form one another.

When we install and configure your Discourse forum we will also automate the backups. You will receive an email each day when the backup has run and always have all your data on hand should you need to restore.

GDPR compliance icon

GDPR compliance

Cybercriminals love nothing more than obtaining personal information and ransoming the site owner to keep their breach secret.

Not only will your Discourse forum hide all personal data, but it will also be protected from unauthorised access.

SSL security ensures all personal data is stored and protected in-line with GDPR.

Simple hosted server required icon

Simple hosted server required

The Discourse forum requires a low-spec Linux VPS to operate. You can use your own server, one in the cloud, or we can recommend a VPS provider we use.

You should expect to pay no more than £15 per month for the system to run. Discourse software is free to use at all times.

We can manage your server or provide support as and when you need it. We are also experts in the Discourse software and the Linux OS which powers your forum. This means we can provide ad-hoc coding and modifications should you want to make bespoke changes.


Low cost marketing

Simply and easily make all your product or service details online

Always on icon

Always on forum

Searchable friendly content online 24x7

GDPR safe

Your forum will be protected by SSL at all times


High Performance

Lightweight and beautiful front-end design

Backup server

Lightweight single server

Streamlined docker installation on Linux

Enterprise Ready

Automatic backups

Our installation will include automatic backups to your platform


ALL ABOUT Discourse

Discourse is a leading forum software vendor. You can host directly with them or host yourself on a lightweight virtual server.

The advantages of hosting yourself are that you have more control over how you deploy the system and have direct access to the system so that you can make changes to the code.

We have used Discourse for a long time on all the knowledgebases we manage.

There are lots of different forums out there. Discourse is excellent in the way it allows you to easily write new articles and manage visitors.


Every system needs SSL as a basic requirement that prevents 3rd parties from snooping on your client and server communications and capturing sensitive data and logon credentials.

Since May 2018 when GDPR came into law within the EU region, we have seen many accidental breaches and many more cybercriminals trying to extort personal data from online services.

With Discourse, your data will be secure and satisfy GDPR requirements.


We provide 30 days FREE support after we have installed and configured your Discourse forum.

We provide ongoing ad-hoc support, maintenance, and consultancy as and when you require it.
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