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Backup Reports

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The Reseller portal can send a range of backup reports to your staff and customers. Reports are simple, attractive, can be customised and help draw your attention to any issues with backup sets you are monitoring.

There are three main classes of report:
  • A daily backup report sent to customers
  • A daily Watchlist or Event Log summary sent to staff and resellers
  • Custom reports created for each customer

For customers: Daily Backup Reports

BOBcloud can send a daily consolidated email report to your staff. This is one email per day, with a summary of all backup sets on the account. Reports have a modern format with easy links through to the full backup report (which can optionally require a password to view).


Enabling the Daily Backup Report emails
Daily Backup Reports can be enabled on a per-customer basis, on the People tab of a customer dialog. Reports can be sent daily, disabled, or sent only on failure.


For Staff and Resellers: Watchlist, Event Log, and All Customers email reports
Each system operator has the option to enable receiving the Watchlist and Event Log in an email format. An operator may configure these themselves from the Account link, at the top-right of any page; or a system administrator may enable or disable these reports for each user on the Manage System Users page.

In summary, the Watchlist provides a self-curated list of backup sets that you are currently troubleshooting; the Event Log provides a highly focused list of only backup sets that are currently displaying errors, based on your own monitoring criteria.

Available graphical templates
A number of graphical templates are available for use in any of the above reports. More templates are added over time, so we recommend looking through them using the Preview option in order to find one you like.

Single-customer reports display only one quota block in a friendly manner: these templates are intended for Daily Backup Reports and any custom reports that target a single backup account. They display detailed information about the most recent job.

Multi-customer reports display each customer's quota block in-line with their information: these templates are more direct and less forgiving with the information they display, often including potentially harsh technical information such as the last time a backup completed successfully, and the number of failures since the last successful backup. These templates are intended for staff and resellers receiving the Watchlist and Event Log emails, and any custom reports that target multiple backup accounts.

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