Throwable=[Bptree.KeyRangeIterator.hasNext] Error=[ABlock.parse]

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Throwable=[Bptree.KeyRangeIterator.hasNext] Error=[ABlock.parse]

Postby Support » Wed Nov 22, 2017 12:15 pm

In version v7.13.0.6 of Ahsay's OBM which we label 'Server' there are a few bugs affecting first time backups.

These errors are:
[BackupSetCmd.uploadBackupFiles][java.lang.RuntimeException] Error=[RuntimeException] [BackupFileIterator.Combined.hasNext] Throwable=[Bptree.KeyRangeIterator.hasNext] Error=[ABlock.parse] Cannot parse file, [Type=F][BackupByJob=

This is related to an index structure file issue

To resolve this issue, delete all temp files, trigger a forced rebuild job and then run a manual backup to see if the problem is resolved:
1). Make sure no backup is running and the temporary directory is empty
2). Close our software interface
3). Stop the Windows service 'Server Services'
4). Modify the "com.ahsay.cloudbacko.core.bset.file.RemoteBDB.forceRebuild" parameter in "cb.opt" file under directory $serverbackup\ as follows:

From this:

To this:

5). Restart the Windows service 'Server Services'
6). Run the backup once
7). After it finishes close our software interface
8). Change the debug option back again "com.ahsay.cloudbacko.core.bset.file.RemoteBDB.forceRebuild=" to the original state in the "cb.opt" file (otherwise, the next backup job will rebuild index again)
9). Run backup again to verify if the issue is solved.
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