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BOBcloud data security

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BOBcloud data security
Last reviewed 29th March 2017

This document should be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy.

Physically restricting access to your data
Where we store your data
We store all data in the UK within our data centre facility in Reading or on Microsoft's UK based Azure platform.
Our data centre facility is staffed 24 x 7 by a dedicated security team, all members of the team are vetted to the 10 year SIA standard and also BS7858 standard.
Located on a no through road without any passing traffic.
Iris biometric technology is used to uniquely identify all visitors, and complies with security standards including ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, BPSS and BS7858.
All data halls and racks are physically locked to only allow access to pre-authorised personnel.

If you have specified your data should be stored on Microsoft's Azure cloud, this link will explain their data durability options as well as how they secure your data - ... redundancy

Securing access to our network and data transmission from outside
How we secure backup software and user logons
All users and software logging into our service do so via 2048 bit encrypted SSL front-end services.

How we secure data during transfer
All data is sent to and received from our service over a 2048 encrypted SSL connection.
All backups are created with encryption set as default. This can be turned off only by the backup owner.

Protecting your data stored with us
How we physically store your data
All customer data is stored on RAID 6 Enterprise level HP SANs within a cloud. You can upgrade your account so that the data is replicated to a second cloud within the same data centre facility or to a second cloud within a separate geographical data centre.

How we secure your data during rest
All backups are created with encryption set as default and as such data is stored on our network encrypted.
This level of encryption can be turned off only by the backup owner.

How we store data you have deleted
When you delete any data stored with us, it is purged from our service immediately.
Deleted data refers to any data you have explicitly removed from our service or data removed automatically by means of a retention policy set by you. For example: If your retention policy is set to 7 days, revisions of files more than 8 days old will be purged from our service automatically.

We can supply an archival system which will maintain a backup of your data stored with us. This system is not available on our public website and you will have to contact us directly for more details.
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