How to stop a running or stalled backup

February 1, 2018,


A backup hangs or stalls.


There is limited bandwidth or a break in connectivity between the device backing up and our service.

The device has been rebooting during a backup.

We also see this issue during initial backups, where a lot of data is uploaded from multiple backup sets.

We recommend new backups are run one at a time until they are complete.


Right-click on our application icon in the bottom right of the screen. The name will be Server or Desktop.

You will see this menu allowing you to stop a running backup.

After halting the backup, click Exit

How to stop a running or stalled backup 01

It might have stalled if the backup doesn’t stop within 5 minutes.

If a backup is stuck on a running process, there is usually a file named running which should be deleted.

See the OS-specific list of locations below.

  1. Delete the file named running.
  2. Create a file named stop (no filename extension is required).
    After a few minutes, the backup should stop.

Possible File locations:

Windows Server version
C:\Users\username\ .obm\ipc\BackupSet{BackupSetID}

Windows desktop version
C:\Users\username\ .acb\ipc\BackupSet{BackupSetID}



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