Index.b2b is in use by another application

August 28, 2018,


[h] Unable to open server file list, C:\Users\username\temp\ Predefined@- \index\index.b2b is in use by another application.


  1. index.b2b file is open in another session of the backup software, and a backup or restore are running. It is possible for two different Windows users to logon with different Windows profiles and lock the file for one another.
  2. The last backup or restore action has hung.


  1. Log all users off the server and try the backup again.

If the problem persists, continue with these tasks.

  1. Delete C:\Users\username\temp (the exact path is shown in the error log). The folder will be recreated when you next open our backup software on the affected device.
  2. If the folder won’t delete:
    a) Stop the Windows services Desktop Services and Server Services (whichever one is running will depend on the version you are using).
    b) Go into Windows Task Manager and stop these two processes if they are running.
    c) You should now be able to delete C:\Users\username\temp.
    d) Start the backup again.

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