Protect your Office 365 emails using our enterprise backup solution

If you have migrated your business’ email to Office 365 hosted by Microsoft, you will no doubt love the fact you no longer need to worry about managing Exchange in-house.

If you are worried about trusting your most critical company data to one source and company, you don’t need to. With BOBcloud’s O 365 backup, you now have the opportunity to backup your Office 365 emails to any destination using our service.


Full mailbox or brick-level backup

You can backup all or selected mailboxes under your accounts with just a few clicks. Besides the full mailbox, you can also backup and restore brick-level items such as emails, contacts, calendars and tasks.


Eliminate the threat of ransomware

The fastest way to access mission-critical data after a ransomware attack is to restore from a backup. By regularly backing up your Office 365 email data to our cloud data center, ransomware cannot blackmail you.


Cloud-to-cloud / cloud-to-local backup

You can have multiple layers of protection by backing up your Office 365 email data to various destinations, including our cloud at Microsoft UK, a third party cloud provider of your choosing, or to your own server in your office.

Every backup can also be stored locally on a USB disk or NAS on your site.


Keep unlimited versions forever

You can define flexible versioning rules to keep the historical versions of your Office 365 email data. The old data versions can be kept for as long as you require.

Retention periods are set from one day upwards, and you have total control.


Lightning fast

Our speed boosting technologies such as multi-thread, concurrent backup to multiple destinations, In-File Delta block-level incremental and configurable compression make our software one of the fastest Office 365 email backup solutions on the market.


Unbreakable 256-bit encryption

Our built-in encryption feature lets you encrypt everything with a 256-bit truly randomised key, including all the data and file names.

This makes data backup to other non-Microsoft cloud storage much safer.


Easy to use, no training required

BOBcloud comes with an intuitive user interface which allows you to create and manage accounts, backups, and monitor everything else.

View our Demo from the home page to see how your reseller portal and Dashboard will work.


Clear insight and reporting

Not a fan of emails? Our reporting tool will give you clear visibility into the backup details of all destinations, usage trends, backup and restore reports, and logs.