Your Office 365 emails can be lost anytime…

As more and more businesses have migrated from on-site Exchange to the cloud in recent years, Office365 has become the first choice for IT Admins.

Data loss caused by unpredictable human errors, cyber-attacks and cloud service outages are in the forefront of decision makers’ strategies. Your Office 365 emails, calendars and contacts can be lost anytime.


Human Error

Office 365 is an amazing office platform which allows employees to easily work with documents and email.

It is possible though for users to accidentally (or intentionally) delete critical business files which will in turn have serious repercussions for their organisations.

Reports show that human error accounts for nearly 2/3 of all the data loss incidents. To safeguard against these untoward incidents, organisations can deploy an appropriate backup system which is updated in real time.


Malicious Attack

Malicious programs such as ransomware can lead to tremendous financial damage by wiping out sensitive information of an organisation.

The most effective way of protecting your company’s information from malicious online attacks is by creating multiple copies of your data and storing them in different cloud and local data repositories.

With BOBcloud’s Office 365 backup, you can opt to backup to our storage on Microsoft’s UK cloud, to any other cloud provider, or your own storage.


Cloud Service Outage

Should your Office 365 service go offline, you will be eligible for service credits when the availability of Office 365 falls below 99.9% (this equates to a downtime of 31,536 seconds, ~9 hours a year or less than 1 hour a month).

This figure seems to be good, but when you compare a target 99.999% for a typical telco grade service (target downtime of 315 seconds, or ~5 minutes a year), or that of a global data center at 99.99999% (target downtime of ~3 seconds a year), this availability is unacceptable.

You need a backup solution to protect the availability of not only your data, but also your business.


Archiving ≠ Backup

Archiving and backing up are 2 very different things.

e.g. If an employee receives or sends an email and hard deletes it right away, there is no record of it on the system. If a backup runs each night, it won’t be aware the email existed and won’t back it up. A ‘True’ archiving system will capture the email as soon as it is sent or received and store it elsewhere to protect it from deletion. There are some ‘middle’ systems which will archive emails to free up space within a mailbox and these are similar to a backup.

Our backup service will provide long-term data retention which will protect your Office 365 emails during normal activity from accidental deletion or a cloud provider’s data loss incident.

If you need a backup for your Office 365 emails which is 100% durable, we can help
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