Your Office 365 data can be lost anytime…

As more and more businesses have migrated from on-site Exchange to the cloud in recent years, Office 365 has become the first choice for IT Admins.

BOBcloud’s O365 cloud storage backup will protect all your O365 Exchange mailboxes, SharePoint sites and OneDrive data stores from one simple screen. All you need to do is decide which of the more than 1,000 backup destinations worldwide which our software is preconfigured to use to store your data on.

There is no doubt O365 is a great system, however there is no native backup for it. Does this matter to you?

Look at it this way; if your O365 administrator accidentally deletes a mailbox or an entire O365 user account, the data is gone for good unless you have a backup. What about a rogue user who decided or delete and purge their data or email? Let’s not forget about the cybercriminals who are always trying to encrypt datasets and hold your data to ransom.

Data loss caused by unpredictable human errors, cyber-attacks and cloud service outages are in the forefront of decision makers’ strategies. Your Office 365 emails, calendars and contacts can be lost anytime.

Backup everything in O365 in under 10 minutes

Our Office 365 backup is a true cloud-to-cloud backup so you won’t need to download and upload large amounts of data on your LAN. Simply install our software on any device and log into your O365 admin page and select the mailboxes, SharePoint and OneDrive data you want to backup. Our system will connect to your O365 in the background and backup your selections to your preferred storage destination.

Sit back and watch the results appear in your reseller portal. There is no need to connect to any of your customer devices to backup or restore data.

Everything is granular 

Most backup sets contain all O365 data, however it is simple to backup one user’s email only, another user’s SharePoint sites or just OneDrive data. The choice is of course yours depending on what you want to protect. Shared mailboxes, public folders are also included.

Restoring single O365 entities is east to do in a few clicks. Single contacts, SharePoint site data or OneDrive data can be as easily restored as entire data sets. With our cloud-to-cloud technology, the data is restored directly to the Office 365 cloud which is then synced down to the user’s preferred client seamlessly.


Crossover between hosted and on-premise Exchange

If you are still running on-premise and hosted Exchange services, we can protect them both. We have the entire O365 environment covered and also have an Exchange server module and granular Exchange mailbox module.

View all the backup agents and modules we provide.


Human Error

Office 365 is an amazing office platform which allows employees to easily work with documents and email.

It is possible though for users to accidentally (or intentionally) delete critical business files which will in turn have serious repercussions for their organisations.

Reports show that human error accounts for nearly 2/3 of all data loss incidents. To safeguard against these incidents, organisations should deploy an appropriate backup system which is updated in real time. Regardless of what happens to your O365 data, you will always be able to restore it,


Malicious Attack

Malicious programs such as ransomware can lead to tremendous financial damage by wiping out the sensitive information of an organisation.

The most effective way of protecting your company’s information from malicious online attacks is by creating multiple copies of your data and storing them in different cloud and local data repositories.

With BOBcloud’s Office 365 backup, you can opt to backup to our storage on Microsoft’s UK cloud, to any other cloud provider, or your own storage. Our software is pre-configured with connectors to more than 1,000 cloud storage destinations.


Cloud Service Outage

Should your Office 365 service go offline, you will be eligible for service credits when the availability of Office 365 falls below 99.9% (this equates to a downtime of 31,536 seconds, ~9 hours a year or less than 1 hour a month).

This figure seems to be good, but when you compare a target 99.999% for a typical telco grade service (target downtime of 315 seconds, or ~5 minutes a year), or that of a global data centre at 99.99999% (target downtime of ~3 seconds a year), this availability is unacceptable.

We can’t do anything to improve Microsoft’s service availability, but we can gurabtee your data is safely stored outside of Microsoft’s network should your online data become


Archiving ≠ Backup

Archiving and backing up are 2 very different things.

e.g. If an employee receives or sends an email and hard deletes it right away, there is no record of it on the system. If a backup runs each night, it won’t be aware the email existed and won’t back it up. A ‘True’ archiving system will capture the email as soon as it is sent or received and store it elsewhere to protect it from deletion. There are some ‘middle’ systems which will archive emails to free up space within a mailbox and these are similar to a backup.

Our backup service will provide long-term data retention which will protect your Office 365 emails during normal activity from accidental deletion or a cloud provider’s data loss incident.

If you need a backup for your Office 365 emails which is 100% durable, we can help
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