Use our hosted Ahsay backup service
and YOUR storage

Store your customer’s backups wherever you like. Cloud, local, or your server in your office or DC


Now you can store your customer’s data on your own hardware or a third party’s cloud.

You can still manage all accounts from one single screen on your Reseller portal hosted by us.

The most popular storage locations are Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3 and AWS, Google Drive, RackSpace, OpenStack, FTP and SFTP. There is no requirement to purchase any additional software or hardware or increase staffing costs.

You will enjoy unlimited and automated online backups and restoration with convenient around-the-clock accessibility to your backed-up data and configurable unlimited retention periods.

None of our customers are on contract and can terminate at any time.

Email and remote support provided 7 days a week.

Simple Pricing (monthly)

Pay for the agents and storage you use. No quotas, termination periods or hidden extras

Server license
QTY of licenses Monthly cost per license Included backup agents
1 £6.50
Microsoft Exchange Server
Microsoft SQL Server
MySQL Database
Windows System (Bare-metal)
Windows System State
On-premise Exchange Mailbox License
Amount of mailboxes Monthly cost per mailbox
1 – 50 (same customer) £0.50
51 + (same customer) £0.40
Office 365 Hosted Exchange Mailbox License
Amount of mailboxes Monthly cost per mailbox
1 – 50 (same customer) £0.60
51 + (same customer) £0.50
VMware Guest Virtual Machine License
QTY of licenses Monthly cost per virtual machine
1 £2.50
Hyper-V Guest Virtual Machine License
QTY of licenses Monthly cost per virtual machine
1 £2.50
Synology NAS
QTY of licenses Monthly cost per NAS device (Server license is also required)
1 £5
Desktop and MAC license
QTY of licenses Monthly cost per license Included backup agents
1 £3.00
File System
Outlook Express


Detailed server and desktop backup reports
Graphical overview of all of your customers’ backups
Watch specific backups for problems
Add set up notes for every installation

Reseller accounts are free to set up

Start your first backup in under 5 minutes

Manage all of your customers’ devices from one console

You can create your own Reseller account and start your first back up within a few minutes

All backups will be fully functional for the 30 day trial period



  • We will price match against any similar service
  • No contracts, set up charges or tie-ins. Just some simple terms and conditions
  • Make use of spare storage you already have on your cloud services to sell to your customers
  • You set your own price and profit margin


  • Store unlimited revisions
  • Back up any Microsoft server or desktop application with 16 agents for Windows Server, Exchange, VMware, Desktop and MAC
  • Obtain 100% data durability when using a local mirror
  • Your data is encrypted on your servers and desktops using AES 256 bit encryption before it leaves your site and is then transferred
  • using 256-bit SSL communication (TLS v1.2)


  • FREE remote installs using TeamViewer or RDP
  • Fast support response SLA 7 days a week
  • Community forum
  • Online manuals explaining in depth how to back up and restore with each module

Online Backup FAQs Let us know if we have missed your question off


Which software do you use?

We use Ahsay for our core backup software.

How long has BOBcloud been operating?

We are part of the SC group which was incorporated in the UK in 1999.


Which levels of encryption is used on my data?

All data can be encrypted on your device before being transmitted to your storage using AES 256 bit. Your data is transmitted using SSL encryption and is stored encrypted whilst on our platform.


How long can we retain data for?

Data retention periods for daily changes (delta) and deleted files can be retained from one day to infinity.

Can we keep a local backup as well?

Yes. Most backup types will also allow you to retain a local backup. Where this is available we highly recommend it. You can also keep larger back up sets locally rather than online. An example might be where you have a large bare metal image you want to maintain, but you don’t want to pay to store it online

How do we get our first back up under-way?

Simply download the software from this page (server, desktop or MAC).

How can we restore large amounts of data?

You can restore your data over the Internet directly.

Can we manage how much bandwidth is used by a backup?

Yes. This is done from within the backup server on your device.


What is the difference between Partners, Resellers and Affiliates?

Partners and Resellers are interchangeable terms and refer to an IT Support Company or Consultant who resells our service within their own portfolio of services and are responsible for supporting and invoicing their customers directly. Affiliates recommend a customer to us and have no day-to-day interaction with the customer. Affiliates will receive referral one-off and ongoing commission payments from us.

Can we re-brand the service?

Yes. There is a one-off charge of £150 to create your Windows and MAC builds. Thereafter there is a £10 monthly fee to maintain the rebrand. You will need to send us your images or our in-house designer can create the images for you (fees apply).

How do we become a Partner?

You can sign up to become a partner once you are ready to convert your first client from trial to paid. We will ask you to sign up to our Direct Debit scheme which can be done online and takes less than a minute.

“Excellent support when we need it and BOBcloud even do the installs if we are too busy” Mark Feen