UK Cloud Backup Since 1999

Automatic 24×7 cloud backup and storage for MSPs and Resellers. 

ISO 27001 and SOC 2 accredited storage.

All our cloud storage destinations have a guarantee of 11 Nines of Data Durability. Read more

Built on the world's most trusted cloud

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Using Microsoft's cloud [Azure] in more than 60 regions worldwide. ISO/IEC 27001:2013 storage

The Microsoft cloud is trusted by Governments, Police, Military, Medical, and Corporates worldwide. It is the most trusted cloud in the world and has the most compliant and certificated data centres worldwide. 

When you use one of our pre-defined backup destinations, your data will be stored in the closest Azure region to your device(s) (the default is the UK). When at rest, your data will be replicated to multiple nodes, which protects you from a single point of failure. We can also replicate your backed-up data to different geo regions.

You can also use any Wasabi location (the UK default), hardware, or any third party’s cloud storage. We currently support over 1000 cloud destinations and regions.


Data security must be applied to every stage in the lifecycle of your data. We encrypt your data chain end-to-end during backup, transfer, rest and restore.

Even if someone were to capture your data packets during transfer, they couldn’t decrypt the data in your cloud storage.

GDPR is always paramount in our methodologies, so we never routinely capture personal data. 

We might capture it when you create an email alert or an account name on our system. But where we do this, we will only use your data for sending you status alerts on your backup sets and data.

What is UK Cloud Storage?

Ease of access and availability: Cloud storage allows you to store your backups online, restoring your data anytime from anywhere.

Fast scalability: Cloud storage makes it easy to scale your resources up or down as needed without investing in additional infrastructure. This is especially helpful when you experience an unexpected increase in data volume, as it allows you to maintain business continuity.

Data redundancy: Storing the same data in multiple places is essential for an effective, durable backup. Storing your backups in the cloud ensures your data is safely stored in a remote location, protecting it from natural disasters, accidents, and cyberattacks on your main site and data source.

Cloud storage will save you the hassle, the cost of hardware, data center storage, power and cooling, and techie costs to maintain your own backup storage.

How BOBcloud Protects Your Critical Data

We have been providing rebranded Business and Enterprise cloud storage backup services to resellers, MSPs, and IT Support Consultants in more than 20 countries since 1999. 

Our systems are accredited ISO/IEC 27001:2013, and all our storage is certified to provide 11 Nines of
data durability.

Protect all your customers’ OS and applications on their LAN and cloud. Our software and modules come pre-configured with 1,000+ cloud connectors, so you can store your data wherever you
like either locally or in the cloud.

Our service is exclusively provided to MSPs requiring an IT Reseller Backup product. If you need a backup for three devices or less, we will put you in contact with one of our resellers in your region.

All our cloud backup modules are configured to run an initial full backup, then follow-on incremental daily backups.  These settings can be easily modified to suit your business continuity requirements.

One portal for everything

Cloud Storage Automation

Manage all accounts from one screen on your Reseller portal hosted by us. Add extra staff and assign their permissions using role-based administration. There is no requirement to purchase additional software or hardware or increase staffing costs.

Enjoy unlimited and automated online cloud storage backups and restores with convenient around-the-clock accessibility to your backed-up data—configurable indefinite retention periods from one day upwards.

Your trials will be unlimited for 30 days and have one free billing cycle. Email and remote support are provided seven days a week.

You can monitor the usage of your destinations quickly and set alerts from your portal.
No one is on contract, and you can terminate at any time.

Increase in revenue

(£250 credit)

If you are deciding on a new cloud storage partner, we can ease the transition with £250 credit


100% Reliability

Store unlimited revisions of your data to multiple online and local locations. You choose your level of durability

Customer support

7 Day Support

Our team is always on hand to provide quick 7-day-a-week support. We have a knowledged base and a forum

Test Data Restores are a Must

Backing up your systems with our cloud storage service is easy. However, that is the easy part. We know you must be able to restore your data correctly and quickly when needed. There needs to be more than a backup strategy; you also need a restore or DR plan.

Many databases, OS’ and applications must be backed up with a specially written module, and more than a simple file system backup is needed. This is very often because of how the vendor designed the system. Some backups, such as Windows bare-metal, must be restored onto identical hardware.

Microsoft sets that requirement and only sometimes realised once a restore is required.
If you have never restored the type of backup you are running, we advise regular test restores so that you can restore to your environment within your desired time frame and become familiar with the process.

Our experts perform daily test restores for our managed customers and can advise on ‘best practices’.

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What is UK Cloud Storage, and how has it evolved?

Since 1999, when we started providing online backups, cloud backup has moved from simply protecting file servers to Exchange, SQL and virtual environments. In 2023, most of the backups our partners create are cloud-2-cloud and protect online cloud systems such as M365 (Microsoft’s 365), Azure, AWS and Google cloud servers, and hundreds of other cloud-based applications and data systems worldwide.

Microsoft 365 is the most popular type of backup created by our resellers daily. The two main reasons for this are that Microsoft doesn’t provide any Microsoft 365 backup tools on their platform, so you can’t back up Microsoft 365, and everyone is at risk of data loss or cybercrime and ransomware.

A suitable Microsoft 365 backup & restore application is critical because a corporation’s life is contained within its mailboxes, and that data needs to be protected with an offsite granular Microsoft 365-aware backup application.

Our software will allow you to back up your M365 \ Office 365 online Exchange email, SharePoint and OneDrive data to any other cloud storage service in any region or a NAS in your office via SFTP.

We can back up these applications (check the versions supported at the bottom of this page).