How to Backup Microsoft 365 Exchange email, SharePoint and OneDrive in 2023

September 27, 2023,

1. Open the M365 cloud option.
2. Access the cloud menu and select the account you want to backup.
3. On the right pane, click on “Backup”.
4. Choose “Add a backup plan” and then select “Create new”.

4 Easy Ways To Recover Unsaved Or Deleted Word Documents in 2023

September 25, 2023,

Discover four easy ways to recover unsaved or deleted Word documents in 2023. Use Word’s built-in AutoRecover, access Document Recovery after crashes, explore Temporary Files for backup versions, or check the Recycle Bin for deleted docs. These straightforward methods offer a lifeline for your important files.

How to backup WhatsApp data to Google Drive in 2023: 9 Simple Steps

September 19, 2023,

WhatsApp backup Key Notes:
– By design, Android devices use Google Drive, and iOS devices use iCloud for their backups.
– There are unlimited services where you can store the backup you create.
– WhatsApp chats are backed-up using the APP.
– WhatsApp chats and data can be easily restored during a fresh installation.

5 Ways to Fix WhatsApp Backup Stuck Issue in 2023

September 9, 2023,

Instructions to fix WhatsApp backup stuck on iPhone:

1. Update your iOS software. Make sure you’re running the latest version of iOS. Apple often releases updates that include bug fixes and performance improvements.
2. Reset your network settings. This can often fix minor network problems that may be preventing WhatsApp backup from working.
3. Back up WhatsApp using iPhone backup software. This will create a backup of your WhatsApp data on your computer.
4. Make sure you have enough storage space in iCloud. If you don’t have enough storage space, your backup will fail.
5. Turn on mobile data for iCloud. This will allow your iPhone to back up to iCloud even if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi.
6. Connect to a working internet connection. A stable internet connection is required for WhatsApp backup to work properly.
7. Perform a manual WhatsApp backup. This will force WhatsApp to back up your data immediately.

What is a Secondary Storage? Types, Purposes, and Examples

September 1, 2023,

Secondary storage is often used to back up data from primary storage. This involves copying the data from the primary storage system to the secondary storage system using replication or other data protection and recovery methods

Backup Planning in 2023: The Complete Guide with 10 Essential Tips

September 1, 2023,

Solid backup planning with a strategy is critical to keeping your company’s critical data safe. Many companies have lost data because they don’t have a backup plan, and therefore, no DR plan or knowing if a restore will even work. A simple backup plan with periodic text restores will help prevent data loss. Table of… Read More »

How to Backup OneDrive Effortlessly

August 6, 2023,

Safeguard your OneDrive effortlessly. Back up to an external hard drive by unlinking your PC and moving files, or directly to your computer with a secure sync client. Ensure the safety of your valuable data with these reliable strategies: 1) External hard drive backup: Unlink OneDrive, Move files to external drive folder, Sign in and change location. 2) Computer backup: Download files to your PC and follow the 3-2-1 rule for added protection. Don’t miss out on seamless file protection!

What is Bandwidth in networking?

August 5, 2023,

This bandwidth calculator converts internet speed into bandwidth measurements in MB and GB.

The three types of Cloud Backup

August 1, 2023,

There are three types of backup, Full, Incremental, and Differential. Each uses different amounts of storage, has separate backup and restore times, and varies in cost.

S3 Price Comparisons between Wasabi, Backblaze, Azure, and AWS in 2023

July 24, 2023,

Following on from our last article on AWS’ S3 storage, we decided to add some price comparisons between the largest S3 providers. Looking at the platforms our Resellers use, we are focusing on Wasabi, Azure, AWS, and Backblaze. We haven’t seen any significant differences between the UK instances of Wasabi, Azure (blobs) and AWS’ S3…. Read More »