How Managed IT Services Can Help You Save Money

June 15, 2024,

Managed IT services help save money by reducing the need for in-house IT staff, cutting down on expensive emergency repairs, and offering predictable monthly costs. They improve efficiency and prevent costly downtime, ensuring your technology supports your business goals effectively and affordably.

What is the Best Free Unlimited Cloud Backup?

June 13, 2024,

Be cautious of “free and unlimited” cloud backup offers! Understand hidden costs and limitations before choosing a backup solution. Prioritise security and find a solution that fits your needs. Take a closer look at “free unlimited” cloud backup offers.

How to Change Background in Teams

May 31, 2024,

1. Start a video call or meeting in Teams and turn on your camera.
2. Click on “Background Filters”.
3. Choose from the available backgrounds or add your own by clicking “Add new.”
4. Click on the image you want and apply it.

Windows Server Backup: How to Install and Use It

May 27, 2024,

Open the Windows Server Backup application on your Server, click Backup Once and choose between an entire server or custom backups. Select the destination type, Local drives or Remote shared folder based on your requirement. Proceed with the Backup Destination selection, and finally, click “Backup” to complete the setup. Your Windows Server will now be safely backup and ready to restore data in case of future system failures or viruses.

Get Creative with Teams Background Images: Tips and Tricks

May 26, 2024,

Transform your Microsoft Teams meetings with custom backgrounds! Join a meeting, enable the camera, click on “Apply background effects,” choose your custom image, and impress your colleagues!

How to Backup Microsoft 365 Exchange email, SharePoint and OneDrive in 2024

May 26, 2024,

Microsoft 365 Backup leverages our innovative Backup Storage platform to safeguard your Microsoft 365 data sources. It seamlessly backs up and restores your OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange data at scale, ensuring business continuity despite data loss. Maintaining multiple redundant backups within the trusted Microsoft 365 environment ensures that your critical data remains secure and accessible.

What Are Managed Service Providers?

May 23, 2024,

Managed service providers (MSPs) continuously provide IT services to businesses. They typically offer services like network management, data backup and recovery, security, and end-user support. MSPs can help companies to save money, improve efficiency, and reduce risk.

Why Use A Managed Service Provider?

May 18, 2024,

Using a Managed Service Provider (MSP) allows businesses to offload IT management tasks, ensuring efficient, reliable, and secure technology operations. MSPs offer cybersecurity and cloud computing expertise, reducing the burden on internal teams. This approach improves system performance, minimises downtime, and enables companies to focus on core functions, promoting cost-effectiveness and scalability.

How to Share Entire Google Drive with Another Account: 5 Ways

May 5, 2024,

Sharing your entire Google Drive with another account is simple. You can achieve this by sharing the entire drive, creating shared folders, sharing files individually, or using third-party tools. Each method has its pros and cons, so consider factors like file ownership, permissions, storage, and security when deciding.

How to Protect Your Data with Free Cloud Storage

January 15, 2024,

Shield your precious files for free. Free cloud storage beckons, but beware of security gaps. Learn to lock down your data with encryption, strong passwords, and smart sharing habits. Guard your gigabytes, not just your wallet. ️