Why we have our prices on our website

July 25, 2020,

Why we display our cloud backup prices on our site A better question might be is “why don’t other cloud backup service providers show their prices on their websites?” The big players such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon AWS, Backblaze B2, Wasabi and Dropbox all display their prices online, so we see no logic in being… Read More »

Azure – Backblaze (B2) – Wasabi – benchmark test and pricing

July 20, 2020,

View our honesty policy regarding this article >> Updated July 2020 Object storage providers tech, speed and price benchmarked What is Object Storage? Object storage is also referred to as object-based storage, and is a method of storing data in untis called ‘objects’. Object storage is a type of storage which sits behind backup and… Read More »

Wasabi storage Vs Azure

May 14, 2020,

Wasabi storage Vs Azure If you haven’t heard of Wasabi’s storage yet, we recommend you take a look. Wasabi is as fast, secure and durable as Azure’s LRS blob storage whilst costing a lot less with free transfers in and out (ingress and egress). We have written a report and speed test on Wasabi Vs… Read More »

Recover from Ransomware in a few minutes

Say no to Ransomware if you are using FileSync Find out how

Version of Ahsay’s cloud suite is now live

Version of Ahsay’s cloud suite is now live. Read more here

Cloud to cloud backups, and cloud data transfer

March 1, 2020,

The future of Cloud to Cloud backup and data transfer If my data is stored in the cloud, why do I need to back it up again? Are Cloud to Cloud backups a true archive? Cloud-to-Cloud backup roll-up

Our Support Stats for 2019

February 13, 2020,

Support statistics for 2019 When we close a support ticket, we send an email to everyone who commented on that ticket. Feedback is requested on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best). Results Average feedback is 9.79 across 12 members of staff. Our staff can’t rate or view ticket results. We show the results… Read More »

Version of Ahsay’s cloud suite is now live

Version of Ahsay’s cloud suite is now live. Read more here  

OpenText purchases Carbonite for $1.43 billion

November 12, 2019,

OpenText is a Canadian enterprise software company which purchased Carbonite for $1.42bn yesterday. Carbonite said in a statement that it had received a number of offers and the OpenText deal was “the best way to maximise shareholder value”. What does this mean for UK companies using Carbonite? Nothing is likely to change in the interim, however,… Read More »

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