How to Backup your iPhone

October 20, 2020,

How to backup your iPhone and iPad If you want to preserve all your treasured… Read More »

How the Data Integrity Check works

October 17, 2020,

As a reminder, we license Ahsay’s software for our cloud backup service. This is a copy of… Read More »

How to beat a ransomware attack

October 5, 2020,

Got the feeling you’re being watched? That is probably because you are being watched. Well,… Read More »

Do you have to store your backed-up data in the UK?

September 18, 2020,

Do you need UK Cloud Storage? A frequent discussion we have with resellers is that… Read More »

Microsoft Azure UK South Region outage on 14th September 2020

14th September 2020 Azure UK outage 70% of our backup clusters went offline in the… Read More »

What is the difference between cloud backup and online backup?

September 5, 2020,

Differences between Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup There aren’t any specific differences between cloud and… Read More »

Data Transfer and Bandwidth Calculator

September 3, 2020,

File and Data Transfer and Bandwidth Calculator How long does it take to upload download… Read More »

Why we have our prices on our website

July 25, 2020,

Why we display our cloud backup prices on our site A better question might be… Read More »

ICT Backup: How to do It Cloud-Style

July 14, 2020,

How to backup school data in the cloud If you store your school’s critical data… Read More »

IT Reseller Backup

IT Reseller Backup If you are an MSP or IT Reseller, our cloud backup service… Read More »
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