Hyper-V Virtual Machine (VM) Backup Solution

Hyper-V is a very efficient and sometimes complex system to manage, but the backups shouldn’t be. Our service promises a quick, safe, and easy backup for your critical Hyper-V virtual guest machines.Our Hyper-V backup software ensures a fast Hyper V guest VM backup to local storage devices and cloud storage, e.g. Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Wasabi, Backblaze B2, Google Cloud, etc. 
The software comes pre-loaded with connectors to more than 1,000 storage destinations worldwide. The client software lets you restore a full Hyper V machine or a few files using the simple granular restore module.

Easy deployment

Install our software on your Hypervisor host server, and it will auto-detect all your VMs. You can specify which ones you want to protect. Next, configure the backup schedule, storage destinations, and retention policy.

Point-in-time VM restore​

Our VM full restore option allows you to restore a VM from any point in time. The VM will be restored in exactly the same state as it was during the backup and will appear on the Hyper-V host you select for restore.

Run Direct VM migration (Service Providers only)

With the VM RunDirect feature, you can choose to migrate the running backup VM to its original host machine. Alternatively, you can spin up a new VM in the cloud.

Hyper-V cluster supported

If you have a Hyper-V cluster with multiple Hyper-V hosts, our Hyper-V backup solution will back up all Guest VMs within your cluster. Doing it this way means you don’t need to purchase the Datacentre license of Microsoft System Centre for Hyper-V cluster backup.


The multi-threading implementation in the Hyper-V backup solution will utilise the computing power of multiple CPU cores for creating multiple backup and restore threads to give you super-fast VM backup and restore performance.

Continuous backup

Do you have mission-critical Guest VMs with tight Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)? Our solution with a Continuous Backup feature can trigger backups as frequently as once per minute to fulfil any RPO. 

Read our article which explains RPO and RTO in detail

Flexible retention policy

Our Hyper-V backup solution allows you to set flexible retention policies, including daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly policies to suit your IT audit and compliance needs.

Unhackable 256-bit truly randomised encryption key

If you are backing up to a public cloud, you can turn on the encryption feature which will by default encrypt the backup data locally with a 256-bit truly randomised encryption key. This cannot be hacked even by a brute force attack from a supercomputer.

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Fully rebrandable for MSPs

All graphics, logos and text shown in our centralised backup server and client backup applications are fully rebrandable, and customisable for MSPs. 

How VM Run-Direct works