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Why should Technology Resellers Partner with BOBcloud?

You could buy your servers and SANs, add in some redundant hardware (failover switches and storage hardware), plug in some firewalls (live and failover) and at least a 1Gbps connection to your office. Don’t forget to evaluate cloud backup software and train your staff on a new cloud backup service. If you are a cloud backup or IT Reseller, there is another way.

Simple-to-install, backup and restore from

As an IT Reseller, you can use our managed service and never worry about your customers’ backups again. Ever! 

All you need to do is install our lightweight software applications on your servers, desktops, and NAS devices. Create your backup jobs, and that is it.

You will have access to more than one thousand pre-defined storage destinations worldwide which are embedded in our software. If you want to control your own storage,  you can backup to your own hardware in your office or any other cloud storage provider.

We guarantee to beat your existing cloud backup provider in cost, support, data durability, and features. If not, we’ll give you £250 against storage costs.
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