Business Cloud Backup

ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Certified Storage.

Cloud backup will ensure your critical data and applications are backed up and stored on a remote system.

Backing up to a geo-redundant cloud will ensure your files and data are readily available should your primary servers experience a system failure, outage or natural disaster.

Enterprise cloud storage deshboard

Backup Anything to Anywhere

Backup Anything to Anywhere​

Cloud Backup Services

Cloud Backup Services

Safeguard Your Business: Secure Data with Reliable Cloud Backup Services

Cloud backup services are crucial for several reasons, contributing to the enhanced security, accessibility, and resilience of business and personal data.

Cloud backup eliminates the need for on-premises infrastructure and maintenance costs, providing a more cost-effective solution for storing and protecting data.

Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Business

We know small businesses don’t have an IT Team or budget, so you are vulnerable to service disruption through hardware failures and cybercrime.

Cloud Backup is a cost-effective way to automatically protect all your data from hardware failure, accidents and ransomware.

Why Choose BOBcloud?

Unrivalled data security: We encrypt your data chain end-to-end during backup, transfer, rest and restore. Even if someone were to capture your data packets during transfer, they couldn’t decrypt the data in your cloud storage.

GDPR compliant: GDPR is always paramount in our methodologies, so we never routinely capture personal data. 

20+ years in business: Since 1999, we’ve provided reliable and secure cloud storage backup solutions.

Increase in revenue

(£250 credit)

If you are deciding on a new cloud storage partner, we can ease the transition with £250 credit


100% Reliability

Store unlimited revisions of your data to multiple online and local locations. You choose your level of durability

Customer support

7 Day Support

Our team is always on hand to provide quick 7-day-a-week support. We have a knowledge base and a forum

One portal for everything

Cloud Backup for Business ​

Manage all accounts from one screen on your hosted Reseller portal. Add extra staff and assign their permissions using role-based administration. There is no requirement to purchase additional software or hardware or increase staffing costs.

Enjoy unlimited and automated online cloud storage backups and restores with convenient around-the-clock accessibility to your backed-up data. 

Your trials will be unlimited for 30 days. Email and remote support are provided seven days a week.

You can monitor the usage of your destinations quickly and set alerts from your portal.
No one is on contract, and you can terminate at any time.

Enterprise Cloud Backup

Whether your business is a one-laptop company or you have hundreds of desktops and servers, your cloud backup solution will be the same across all your endpoints.

BOBcloud’s Enterprise solution surpasses other Cloud backup Services. We can back up any desktop and server OS, your Microsoft 365 environment, your cloud storage platform, and all your business’ regular databases and applications.

Thousands of endpoints can be easily managed within your admin portal.

Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Business​

Small Businesses face the same challenges as corporates and need a resilient and durable backup to continue operations following downtime.

Whether you run your business solely from email and local files, we can still automatically protect your data from all risks.

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Business Cloud Backup FAQ

Automatically protect your data at source to a secure data repository.

It is the only way to use today’s technology to seamlessly protect all your company’s data at source from hardware failure, natural disasters, and criminal activity.

With BOBcloud, you can retain your backed-up data for as long as you like, ranging from one day to infinity. We never prune or purge your data outside of your settings.

Both! With BOBcloud’s software, you can back up to multiple cloud storage locations and local or LAN storage for peace of mind.

Cloud Backup is the safest backup method by far. It automatically protects your data from hardware and software failures, malicious intent, and accidental mishaps.

Sign up for a free account (no credit card required), and create as many fully functioning accounts as you need.

Contact our Support Team seven days a week if you require assistance.