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Every new backup account can be configured to back up to our predefined destinations, your own storage, or any of the hundreds of cloud and object storage platforms worldwide.

Our predefined destinations are labelled with BOBcloud, and the charges are shown below.

There are:
Microsoft Azure in the UK (London).
Wasabi in Holland (Amsterdam) and the UK (London).

Other regions are available on request.

You can also back up to your own hardware or any 3rd party cloud of your choice. We currently support more than 400 cloud storage services worldwide.


Pricing (monthly)

Predefined storage:
Azure Storage:£0.06 per GB on our Microsoft Azure storage instances.
Wasabi storage:£0.02 per GB on our Wasabi storage instances.

Standard licenses:
Desktop license:£3.00 per device per month
Server license:£7.80 per device per month

Calculate the cost of licenses, modules, and storage here

How we provide support

We provide support seven days a week via our ticket service and respond to most incidents within 30 minutes.
Support contact details are here -


White Label

We have made the portal and software as generic as possible. If you want to use your own images, we can rebrand the portal, emails, and client software with your logos.
The rebrand costs £150 to set up and £10 per month to operate.


We invoice in arrears on the 1st of each month for the previous month's usage.
If you are in the UK, we will take payment ten days later via Direct Debit.
If you aren't in the UK, we accept payments using PayPal.



No one is on contract. You can remove your accounts anytime (after the first month of the contract).


About our software

We license our core software from Ahsay. Ahsay is the world's largest provider of backup software to MSPs. Their website is here -


Managing your accounts in the portal

Your Reseller URL is
After you sign in, you can create your accounts and download the software from the portal.
Your customers can view their own backups at
Don't like emails? You can create your own dashboard and monitor the status of all backups in real-time. To create a dashboard, go into 'Management \ Manage Dashboards'.


£250 free storage credit

If you are moving from another provider to us, we will give you a storage credit of up to £250. Contact us for more information.


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