Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Requesting to be an affiliate or using this site means you agree to these terms.

– Definitions
  1. Us: SCDC Limited. Registered in the UK, registration number 08461684.
  2. Affiliate: You.
  3. Referral: Any company you have introduced to us and we have accepted as a qualifying lead.
– Affiliate application
  1. To become an Affiliate you must register online. Once your application has been received, we will process your application within one working day and notify you of your acceptance or refusal by email.
– How to use our Affiliate services
  1. You will be given a unique Affiliate code which you can distribute in any way you like to your Referrals.
  2. When the Referral signs up to use our service, they will be prompted to enter a code which will give them a £50 credit. By offering this credit, we ensure your Referrals enter the code and link their future sales to your account.
– General Terms
  1. All valid Referrals must be VAT registered if in the UK and be a valid IT Support or Technical Services company.
  2. In the rare event of two Affiliates recommending the same Referral, we will provide commission to the Affiliate who recommended us first.
  3. We must approve at least one new Referral from you every 2 years for you to maintain your Affiliate commission level.
  4. Once you have selected a Monthly commission for your Referral, it is set for the duration of their business.
  5. Every Referral must spend £25 or more on our services every month for you to earn free storage from them. There is no minimum spend for you to earn commission.
  6. We cannot accept any Referral which we have previously contacted before you introduced them to us.
– Commission

Services you CAN earn commission on:

  1. One-off: For every new referral we accept, we will pay you £50 after the Referral has used their £50 account credit.
  2. Monthly payments:
    1. You will earn between 5% and 10% of your Referrals‘ invoices for the lifetime of their business (subject to us approving at least one new Referral from you every 2 years). This will start after the Referral has used their £50 account credit. Or 
    2. We will add 500GB of storage to your account free-of-charge for every Referral we accept.
  3. Additional: For every additional Referral you will receive an extra 1% above the 5% (up to a maximum of 10%). This will start after the Referral has used their £50 account credit.

Services you CANNOT earn commission on:

  1. Your own usage or the usage of customers you bill directly.
  2. Online backup re-branding.
  3. SEED data transfer.
– Commission Payment

UK bank payment via BACs or PayPal when your account is £100 in credit.

– Our commitment

We agree that:

  1. We will do our best to ensure the service remains running as expected at all times and any technical issues are resolved as quickly as possible.
  2. We will ensure all commissions are paid when they become due.
  3. We will reply to all questions within one working day.
  4. When we make changes to these terms, we will notify you via email.
– Your commitment

You agree that you will:

  1. Notify us in a timely fashion of any problems with our service so that we can rectify problems quickly.
  2. Maintain a privacy policy which complies with all laws and regulations regarding the privacy of visitor information in your Country. It must be commercially sound and fair, and accurately disclose how you collect and use your visitors’ personal information.

You agree that you will NOT:

  1. Provide false data regarding your identity, address or other required information.
  2. Misrepresent to anyone the terms and conditions of our sites or your sites.
– Cancellations

Any breach of these terms will render your account suspended or terminated without further notice.
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Tel: 0800 907 8238