15TB of FREE Cloud Storage

Switch and save $330


This offer is valid when you switch from another enterprise online backup service and show proof of a qualifying service.

15TB of FREE cloud storage usage is provided on our pre-defined storage using Wasabi object storage

We will invoice for licenses and Azure storage if you prefer to use Azure instead of Wasabi. View pricing

The software we use [Ahsay] is trusted to protect millions of devices worldwide every day.

Whichever storage destination you use, the process will be seamless to you and your customers.

We are a privately owned company with more than 20 years’ experience in the online backup industry.

Your backups can be seamlessly mirrored to a local USB disk, NAS, or SAN for free. Perfect if you want to keep your own copy of your backups.

You can create, manage and monitor your backups through the administration console.

We support you 7 days a week.