Your Business, Your Logos and Your URL (not ours)

White Label our software, dashboards, customer emails, and portal with your logos, company name and domain. This will increase the online recognition of your company’s brand.

Here at BOBcloud, we already ‘vanilla’ the software with generic terms such as Server or Desktop and all URLs are unbranded. If you want to go further and use your branding (logos, images etc.), email address, and EULA, we can do that for you.

White Label your customers' emails


White Label the software installation and client

The images on the left show our native client, and the right, how a Reseller’s white label looks.


White Label the Portal URL

Provided the name isn’t taken, we can change the prefix of our portal URL to your company name.

White Label your EULA and terms

If you want to add a link to your own EULA, we can do that.


Become a Reseller and build your cloud backup business with your company’s name. As a BOBcloud Reseller, you will use our Reseller portal and the automation that it brings.

Monitor your customers’ backups, restores and other actions from one central point.