Ahsay rolled out to all clusters

May 17, 2018,

Ahsay™ Cloud Backup Suite, v7.15.4.41 (rolled out in May 2018)

AhsayOBM is a server OS
AhsayACB is a desktop OS

Please update your device(s) if they require one of the fixes shown below. It isn’t necessary to upgrade if you aren’t experiencing any issues.

The update can be downloaded from the reseller portal

Limitations / Known issues of this version

  1. For Exchange Mail-Level backup sets upgraded from v7.15.2.2 (or below) to v7.15.4.10 via auto upgrade, users are required to launch OBM GUI to perform a manual backup or browse to the backup source page of the Exchange Mail-Level backup set, and accept the update of “MapiWrapper.exe”/“MapiWrapper2010.exe”. Otherwise, schedule backup jobs for Exchange Mail-level backup sets will not be able to start up.
  2. AhsayOBM is not able to backup SQL database with special character for MS SQL Backup Set in ODBC mode.
  3. Hyper-V VMs with “Paused” state will be restored as “OFF” state for Hyper-V Backup on Hyper-V 2016 Server.



Best effort support is provided for Windows Xp and Windows 2003 in v7. The behaviour of the Auto Update feature is updated to allow upgrading OBM installed on Windows XP and Windows 2003 to upgrade to v7.

This release will contain the major features listed below


AhsayOBM / AhsayACB


  1. Enhancement – Removed unsupported VMware version from the new backup set on OBMv7
  2. Enhancement – MSSQL backup log statement “Skip backing up xxx (Database is offline)” should be shown in warning type
  3. Bug fix – Office365 backup “[Bptree.KeyRangeIterator.hasNext] Error=[ExchangeStandardFolder.getOrdinal] Invalid ID: 14tknLeaf=[TreeKeyNode.toString]” error
  4. Bug fix – Fail to run Cloud File Backup with error “Error=[d] DropboxManager.newFolderIterator”: unexpected HTTP status code: 500 or 502
  5. Bug fix – Cannot create cloud file backup (FTP) backup-set with Sharefile FTP backup
  6. Bug fix – Hyper-V 2016 schedule backup error “Failed to take VM recovery checkpoint. Error = Object reference not set to an instance of an object”
  7. Bug fix – Hyper-V cluster 2012 backup “Unable to generate delta using CBT”The number of CBT log files do not match the number of virtual machine’s…”
  8. Bug fix – Exchange 2010 server backup with error “Cannot start shadow copy, reason =null”
  9. Bug fix – MS SQL Log backup gets “[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBMSLPCN]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.” error after upgrade
  10. Bug fix – MS SQL Restore incorrectly due to wrong delta files merging
  11. Bug fix – OBM Hyper-V 2012 backup with “Failed to generate delta file by using CBT. Reason = Log sequence incorrect…”
  12. Bug fix – MySQL backup gets mysqldump: [Warning] Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure error
  13. Bug fix – MSSQL VSS backup always run with “The reference database is mismatched with backup database, backup will run in full backup type”
  14. Bug fix – VMware ESXi Restore “[Restorer.run] Path=xxx.vmdk Throwable= [F] [SFtpManager.getOutputStream.$1.close()] Failed to close ‘xxx.vmdk’ ERROR
  15. Bug fix – OBM causes Java crash on Windows 2012 ShadowProtect MSP 5.27 backup jobs
  16. Bug fix – Hyper-V 2012 backup with Failed to generate delta file by using CBT. Reason = Offset to change: xxx is over the disk size yyy
  17. Bug fix – Hyper-V 2016 backup is stuck at downloading file list
  18. Bug fix – OBM create Hyper-V 2016 (Failover Cluster) backupset get error “Temporary directory must set to remote share or cluster shared volume”
  19. Bug fix – Hyper-V Restore error Delta file is corrupt ([DeltaFileMerger.process] Error=[DeltaUnit.readUnit][IOException]
  20. Bug fix – Fail to perform auto update until restarting the service/machine after AUA is not able to download index.xml from CBS
  21. Enhancement – Force to run a simple DIC before backup if the destination is AmazonS3 + GCS and the backup data is backed up by OBM v7.11.0.20
  22. Bug fix – Error “[d] Failed to access destination “OneDrive_droguerie” is shown when backing up to OneDrive for Business
  23. Bug fix – Fails to access predefined OpenStack destination after renewing the token
  24. Bug fix – Build process failed and Download Logs returned “[Error]Invalid file ‘C:\Program Files\AhsayCBS\system\cbs\Installers\ROOT\obc-log.zip” error
  25. Bug fix – Cannot restart the Ahsay Online Backup Manager Services with error 1067
  26. Bug fix – Granular Restore failed with “Fail to Install Virtual File System Driver” and “Fail to install VMDK Mounter Driver” errors
  27. Bug fix – [Shadow Copy] The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it.
  28. Bug fix – Unable to run schedule backup after updated the user password in Windows Active Directory
  29. Bug fix – File backup encounters “Failed to delete …because it is not empty. One of the existing files is…” error even with hotfix applied
  30. Bug fix – File backup error “The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it”
  31. Bug fix – ACB backup set index are negative number
  32. Bug fix – Backup gets “[ObsManager.logStartBackup] Failed to log start backup …” error
  33. Bug fix – Fail to start the OBM GUI on Windows 10 version 1703 with GodMode enabled
  34. Bug fix – Synology OBM prompts for encryption key for backup set with no encryption when performing restore on other NAS
  35. Bug fix – Synology OBM cannot create new backup set with “Failed – Error occured, please try again.” message and invalid XML error in console.log
  36. Bug fix – Hyper-V Backup Status and reports show “Missing Virtual Machine” which do not align with OBM backup logs
  37. Bug fix – Unable to retrieve MAC address when uploading backup log
  38. Bug fix – VMware restore job cannot be stopped properly when some files failed to upload when restore non-VDDK VM to ESXi server
  39. Bug fix – Restore of MSSQL encounters “Parameter is incorrect” issue
  40. Bug fix – User data restored but cannot be used due to error in index migration by XML rebuild
  41. Bug fix – File backup not does not run post-command when it is stopped by scheduler


Ahsay’s change log


Ahsay’s future roadmap

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