£250 storage credit when upgrading from another online backup service

storage credit

BOBcloud competitive upgrade from your existing provider If you want to move from your existing online backup provider, we are offering a £250 storage credit to help make the transition easier. If you want us to, we can also set up your backups for you. £250 credit basics: No time limit. Software licenses are still […]

Wasabi storage promo

Wasabi 50% promo

Wasabi hot cloud storage promo – 50% discount Pricing per GB per month for the lifetime of the account New accounts using our pre-defined Wasabi storage destination will be charged 50% less for their Wasabi storage. This is for the lifetime of the backup account and not time-limited. £ 0.01 $ 0.014 € 0.015 We […]

IT Reseller Backup

Cloud Backup for Resellers

IT Reseller Backup If you are an MSP or IT Reseller, our cloud backup service will fit right in with your existing IT services portfolio. We provide the entire service rebranded in your company name. At BOBcloud we define Resellers as IT professionals and Support companies who provide online backups to their customers as part […]

Our Support Stats for 2019

BOBcloud support, how did we do?

Support statistics for 2019 When we close a support ticket, we send an email to everyone who commented on that ticket.Feedback is requested on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best). Results Average feedback is 9.79 across 12 members of staff. Our staff can’t rate or view ticket results. We show the results for […]