Do you need UK Cloud Storage?

A frequent discussion we have with resellers is that their data must be stored in the UK. This is a very common request for resellers who backup systems used in schools and law offices.

Our default storage location is Microsoft’s cloud in the UK. Our software comes preconfigured with cloud connectors for Azure UK, AWS and any other S3 compatible cloud storage facility (1,000 and counting at time of writing).

Its safe-to-say that if you want your data stored in the UK, then we can do that for you.

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We must store our data in the UK!

UK based cloud storage is the most expensive storage option we provide, and we can’t get away from that, and the reason is that the market disruptors like Wasabi and Backblaze aren’t in the UK yet.

If you want to use the best cloud storage the UK has to offer, then we recommend Microsoft’s Azure blob object storage.

If you want to use the lowest cost solution to our resellers and this is why we recommend Wasabi in Holland.

Compare Cloud Storage in the UK against the big providers in Europe and the USA.

If you want to use the cheapest cloud storage in the UK, look at Dropbox cloud storage, Google Drive or OneDrive. If you use these services, you can make use of their free cloud storage as a destination for your BOBcloud backup. If you aren’t a customer already, they will still give you some free storage.

Cost of storing 1TB of data per month

Before you insist on UK storage and the extra cost, think about where your data is now

Most organisations and schools will use Office 365 email, Dropbox, OneDrive or another cloud-based file sharing service. All these (with the exception of O365) are based outside of the UK, therefore your production data is already offshore.

Why have I added O365 if they store their data in the UK?

2 reasons…. you might have to specify your data is stored in the UK, and you can do this in the O365 admin portal.
More importantly though, when you send emails, they can be sent all around the world and pass through any server. If you are sending important or sensitive data via email, its path, where it is stored is more of an unknown than where your encrypted backups are stored.

No one can ever decrypt your password-protected data

BOBcloud Data Security

Reviewing cloud storage costs

We charge £0.05 per GB for Azure storage and £0.02 per GB for Wasabi storage. There is a big price difference because Wasabi doesn’t charge to download their data when restores are running, however, Azure does.

If you want a better price for a UK Cloud destination for your backups, check the pricing of these cheap and free cloud storage providers.

Some of the pre-defined destinations our software can backup to; Microsoft Azure, AWS S3, Wasabi, Dropbox, OneDrive, GDrive, Google cloud, Backblaze B2, IDrive, Scaleaway, StackPath, Rackspace, Cloudian, Ionos, NetApp StorageGRID, IBM, COS, Dell EMC ECS, OVH

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