ICT Backup: How to do It Cloud-Style

March 14, 2018,

Storing ICT data online includes both benefits and risks. Freeing up your disk space goes a long way in keeping your equipment maintenance fees low. However, cybercrime is a threat that needs careful consideration as hackers are quite innovative. Ransomware can be bothersome, a fact that BOBcloud understands well.

Thus, backup of your ICT data is necessary to offset risks that come along with data manipulation. BOBcloud offers a service that takes the safety of information to a new level. With safety in mind, the backup is possible on several platforms, (though Microsoft remains to be the top choice of data owners.)


Data Backup & Durability

One of the main benefits that cloud storage has for data owners is the ability to access it from anywhere around the globe. Microsoft’s UK service platform offers secure data centres that are virtually impenetrable. Organisations could free up their hardware and store all of their databases within a cloud site. However, ICT backups are still recommended as an additional layer of security.

BOBcloud offers an easy backup of all ICT files owned by companies and individuals. It is possible to backup and transfers ICT data on multiple locations, not limited to Microsoft only. As to diversify a backup portfolio, BOBcloud can copy the databases into other cloud platforms.

These include: VMware, Hyper V, Exchange (server and mailbox), Office 365 email, MS SQL, MySQL, System State, Bare Metal, MAC, Desktops and more. ICT backups are thusly available for both online and desktop transfers. Additionally, businesses have the ability to commence backup of their ICT data on several platforms at the same time. However, such a procedure, although adding a layer of security to the client’s online assets, may take time to commence, especially for large databases.


Keeping Data in Safe Hands

When conducting an ICT backup, it is important to choose a reliable service provider that would do so without compromising files. BOBcloud established its operations in 1999, with over 1.500 UK customers served throughout the years. Initially, the company operated on Novell servers’ backup, gradually growing its customer base.

Apart from encryption and secure backup procedure, BOBcloud offers 7-day support for its clients. Users have the ability to see a single pane of glass for all backup sets through daily emails sent by the platform’s support. This is quite an important feature where ICT data is concerned, as users have complete control over the process. The pricing per transferred ICT file for organisations can be found here.


Advanced Ransomware Security

The BOBcloud platform offers the latest security measures, AES 256 bit encryption of data included. For more information on encryption, we suggest reading the Data Security White Paper to gain an understanding of safety procedures. It ensures that third parties cannot gain access on files being backed up during the process. Additionally, encryption keys restrict the possibility of hackers gaining access to access to the user’s BOBcloud account.


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