What to Look for in Online Data Backup Platforms

When it comes to company servers, backing up all your important data is a good idea. This is especially true if such information can cause damage to the company if compromised. With the cybercrime rate steadily rising, cloud backup services are a popular choice within business cycles. By choosing the optimal solution, entrepreneurs have the […]

Cloud Platform – A Way of Keeping Your Office 365 Emails Intact

Due to technological evolution, businesses transferred most of their records from paper into online databases. Thus, it should not surprise anyone that cloud services are becoming popular. Remote platforms tackle issues with online storages through regular and immediate backups of sent/received files. It is quite possible to safe keep almost limitless amount of office 365 […]

ICT Backup: How to do It Cloud-Style

ICT Backup

How to backup school data in the cloud If you store your school’s critical data online, you will know this has benefits and risks. Cloud storage is very popular amongst IT admins because you don’t have to worry about the life cycle of local storage, or maintaining it. However, cybercrime is a threat that needs […]

Why an online backup solution crucial to securing your Office 365 emails and SharePoint

Say no to 0365 data loss

Whilst there is no denying the fact that business emails are of paramount importance, the question remains – is your Office 365 email secure? In recent years, Office 365 has become increasingly popular amongst businesses for email. Despite being a promising solution, one of the biggest concerns with OFFICE 365 is securing your email and […]

Dorset Academy suffers from Ransomware attack

An Academy in Dorset has had its GCSE coursework data held ransom by a group of Chinese cyber criminals. The attack took place about two weeks ago at the Sir John Colfox Academy in Bridport. The ransomware attack began when a staff member opened an email which contained a virus.  The email the school received […]

Wasabi: A Safe Way of Storing Data

If you are looking for data storage solutions, cloud service providers like Wasabi are really useful. Accommodating different levels of organisations, suits both business owners and  Government. More importantly, the team behind it offers excellent customer service, regular updates, and they are an established cloud market player. In this article, we provide information regarding services […]